There are still tyrannical governments in the world today, and they all need to be fought by people who have a voice that is louder than the insular governments that they serve. This is where Thor Halvorssen comes into play, and he runs the Human Rights Foundation to make sure that he can help people save themselves. These people will be able to run to an office of the Human Rights Foundation, or they can trust that people in the west are going to learn a lot from Thor Halvorssen.

He is willing to go on news shows to explain his position on a lot of topics, and he will do so in any forum. He knows that he is on the side of the right, and he wants to be sure that he is showing people that there is a safer and healthier way to fight tyrants. These tyrants are going to be very scared of the information that Thor Halvorssen can give, and he will keep helping as many people as he can through his offices.

He is a very inspirational person who knows that he can make a big change to the way that people think about human rights. A lot of people think that they are going to have to fight human rights at home, but too many people are going to forget that they have to fight against violations around the world. That is what Thor Halvorssen does all over the world, and he pushes his agenda that says that all people deserve to live free with the basic human rights that he believes in. He makes sure the people of the world are informed, and he does not want to stop until he has seen to it that all injustice has been stamped out completely.

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