Geographically located in the United Kingdom, Sussex Healthcare provides clients with advanced and competitive healthcare services for seniors with different neurological conditions including dementia, brain injuries, and multiple sclerosis. Moreover, the company offers these services to people who find it difficult to take care of themselves in a regular home setups. Sussex Healthcare manages about twenty nursing homes. Besides, the organization can always prepare healthy, delicious meals that go hand-in-hand with the requirements of a patient’s diet. Perhaps it is important to highlight that Sussex Healthcare highly depends on its leaders to succeed. One such leader is Dr. Shafik Sachedina.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a native of Dares-Salaam, in Tanzania. He is an accomplished surgeon. While growing up, he aspired to change people’s lives through offering hospitality services. Therefore, he chose to join Guy’s Medical School followed by the Dental School to attain his dreams. While at it, he also realized that there was a close relationship between entrepreneurship and impressive academic credentials. Of course, he was motivated to acquire better grades while at school. For that reason, he managed to join the world of careers as an established dental surgeon in England. While practicing, he decided to venture into Sussex Healthcare with the intention of transforming people’s lives. Perhaps this has been his way of giving back to the society because he is the general manager at Sussex Healthcare. In his tenure, he manages the firm alongside making sure that every client is well taken care of.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is not just an executive leader at Sussex Healthcare. If anything, this is just one of the hospitality industries he handles. Other organizations he caters for include Jamati Institutions in addition to Aga Khan. With his input, these organizations have become some of the leading community supporters when it comes to fostering peace in the Islamic societies. Moreover, given his input in these organizations, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has learned how to give back in many ways including contributing to charity through voluntary services.

Dr. Sachedina is an accomplished entrepreneur and business professional. He has dedicated most of his time to ensuring that the industry of hospitality thrives in his leadership. For that reason, he has earned a spotlight as a competitive leader and a force to reckon within the industry.


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