The healthcare industry is changing. With a wide variety of options and opinions on where to turn, it can be difficult for people to know who to trust with their health. To improve the health care of individuals, companies such as Elysium Health have emerged to breach this gap and provide quality healthcare innovations.

Elysium Health was founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente who is the Director of the Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging at MIT. Elysium Health is a new kind of health company. Unlike traditional health and supplement companies, Elysium Health is a leading scientific company that focuses on technology, science, and research to create safe and effective products. Importantly, Elysium Health takes a proactive approach to health.

The progress of the emerging supplement company has been commendable. Currently, they have one product on the market: a dietary supplement called Basis.

Basis is a once-a-day supplement product based on more than 25 years of extensive research by the scientific community. Basis is responsible for supporting cellular health as it helps boost NAD+ levels in the body. NAD+ is a coenzyme responsible for key body functions, such as DNA maintenance, energy creation, regulating circadian rhythms, and other biological processes. Despite the importance of NAD+ in the body, advancement in age can have a negative impact on production of the coenzyme, thus potentially negatively affecting the processes in which it is present. That’s where Basis comes in.

In line with its mission of helping people live healthier lives, Elysium Health focuses on ensuring the quality levels of its product. Elysium Health has put in place strict measures to curb any possibilities of counterfeit products by selling its products directly to its customers. The only avenue in which you can purchase Basis is Elysium Health’s website. So far there are three subscription packages for the product, with the most popular being the six-month subscription that goes for $270. The second subscription is a continuous monthly subscription at $50 and finally a one -time purchase for $60.

Modern science has an influence on the health industry and Elysium Health’s proactive approach shows potential. The company has other products currently in the development stage.

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