Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered investment advisor and the founder of Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is an investment firm that offers professional and customized advice to clients to maximize their wealth. Blair realized that most people are not well versed in financial management and investments. That is why in 1994 he established his independent firm, Wealth Solutions, to provide considerable expertise in wealth building and guidance needed to achieve one’s financial goals. Growing up in a family of teachers where his grandmother, mother, and wife were all teachers greatly influenced his decision to teach people about financial literacy. He had seen the way teaching improves ones courage and knowledge. Blair had a passion for finance and immediately after graduating with a degree in economics and accounting from the University of Houston, he plunged into the industry. Over time he has gained significant experience in the sector and received several certifications including CES, CAS, CFS, CIS, RICP, and CTS.

The financial markets are quite dynamic and to fulfill individual client needs, a plan is required to guide one accordingly. To develop an optimal plan Richard Dwayne Blair designed a three-pillar approach to be used. In the first pillar, he gets to understand the client’s expectations and financial goals to get a gist of what road to take. He then evaluates the risk tolerance, strengths, and opportunities for growth. This phase creates a bond with the clients as they lay out the financial roadmap.

In the second phase, long-term investment strategies that are client specific are designed to fulfill client goals and liquidity needs. Resources are shifted accordingly during upward market movement and during an adverse market period to maximize gains and minimize impact respectively. Once the financial goals are set and strategies created to achieve them Blair joins hands with the clients in the last pillar of implementation and monitoring. He professionally implements and evaluates the progress against set goals and other controls like historical data. Richard Dwayne Blair buffers his clients from loss by ensuring his clients have long-term insurances, annuities, and life insurance. Blair has a proven track record in his field and continues to advise people in Texas and beyond on how to increase their wealth.

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