According to statistics, corporate America has donated more money compared to one decade ago. This increase in philanthropy funding is one of the ways these companies are making a difference in societies and people. One of the companies that have been instrumental in giving back to the society is Stream Energy.

Apart from participating in general projects, the company is one of the few entities that has founded a foundation. The main reason why the entity came up with the idea of founding a foundation was the infamous Hurricane Harvey, which according to the management of Stream Energy made the company reconsider the efficiency of its course in the philanthropy world.

With Stream Cares, the company is certain that it will continue making a difference in people’s lives especially those that need assistance. In one of the press releases, Stream Energy pointed out that the main goal of the foundation was to increase the company’s efficiency in assisting the Dallas communities.

Currently, the foundation is one of the foundations that give approximately 19 billion USD. However, through this foundation, the company hopes to share part of their profits with people in projects that are not only timely to Dallas communities but also in emergencies. According to pundits, formalizing the company’s aspirations to giving through Stream Care was one of the smartest moves by the company.

Before the foundation, the company had major projects for communities in Dallas. For example, Stream Energy is still part of Home Supply, which is a project with an aim of rewriting homelessness narrative. In this particular project, the company helps homeless families to access some basic things such as meals and shelters. Since the company is one of the firm believers of partnerships, it has collaborated with Hope Supply Co.

Working with this company has enabled the Dallas-based company to be part of giving families clothing, catering to homeless children and sometimes providing diapers for children. According to the Stream management, the project with Home Supply Co. has not only given the company a chance to work with different families but more importantly, make a difference in their lives.

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