Wikipedia Editors Call Out The Site’s Abuse Problems
The bureaucratic nature of Wikipedia has been highlighted by a number of its editors. In an article on Tech.Mic, one of the volunteer editors faced harassment from Wikipedia after submitting an article. Apparently the editor got into a disagreement with one of the Wikipedia administrators with the latter resorting to abuse. In an email to the mother foundation Wikimedia, the editor narrates getting stressed to the point of contemplating suicide. The editor was eventually blocked after the altercation when all he wanted was to make new Wikipedia page. The editor was angered by how easily his article was rejected after having carefully researched before writing it. Such kinds of obstructions are on the rise and this was evidenced by the reaction of other contributors who read the email. They have been called names and have had their articles deleted. Online forums like Facebook and Twitter have also faced such problems.

The number of editors is going down and it can be said that harassment and abuse is the cause. The Wikimedia foundation is however looking into the matter and focusing on immediate responses to any emergencies. Their support and Safety team can be alerted by e-mail through Wikipedia is a sort of encyclopedia and to make company Wikipedia page is an effective tool for online marketers. When you type in you search on the search engines information from Wikipedia is always among the top five results. Anyone can easily create a Wikipedia page using Here are some of the benefits of Wikipedia;

Ø Having a Wikipedia page for company will boost your sales.
Ø It makes your business or brand credible.
Ø When you business is searched online it can easily be found.
Ø You can easily create your business, biography or brand. This can easily be edited by a Wikipedia publishing service.

One however has to follow some rules regarding the creation of a page on Wikipedia. Some of the pages are marked for deletion if they do not meet the terms set by Wikipedia. Here are some of the main rules that you are required to stick to;

Ø You business should be popular. There should be articles online about your business.
Ø You need to have a Wikipedia account or find reputable Wikipedia publishers.
Ø Look for informative articles online about your business. You can get them from online magazines. They can be used as outside citations and adding credibility to your business.

In 2015 it was discovered that very few American Latinos wrote for Wikipedia page creation. American Latinos have a lot to write about their history and achievements they have made over the years. More were encouraged to come forward to write and edit for Wikipedia. A survey on the diversity of Wikipedia showed that minorities like the blacks and women contributed little to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is free and gives us a lot more than we give it.