As someone very familiar with the Baltimore real estate industry, Todd Lubar has seen a lot of trends over the year. One of the trends he is currently seeing is many young professional moving to Baltimore. There are a number of reasons for this, including most importantly a low cost of living compared to other cities in the area. Lubar says that there have been major developments targeting this trend in Baltimore, including the renovation of older buildings into new apartments and condos.

As more people move to Baltimore to live there is more opportunity for businesses to grow. It is beginning to have an active nightlife with many trendy restaurants and retail stores opening. The city of Baltimore is actively encouraging this by improving public transportation and making it easier to start a business.


Todd Lubar says that it’s the Harbor East area that is attracting the most attention from young professionals. There are very good shopping and places to dine in this area. This area is more expensive than other areas of the city, though, as the condos and apartments can be expensive. However, there is a lot of new construction which could alleviate this and bring down prices somewhat.


As a mortgage lender, Todd Lubar has worked for decades in the real estate industry. He has experience in both financing and credit which affords him additional insights into the area of the economy. He found his first job in the industry in the early 90’s when he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation.


After some years of gaining experience, Todd Lubar joined Legacy Financial Group. His success at closing mortgages led to him being one of the states top producers. He now owns and operates TDL Global Ventures, LLC where he offers mortgage products. He also continues to work at another company he owns, Legendary Investments.


Todd Lubar has worked in the real estate industries in other ways, as well. Todd once owned a demolition company that took down older homes that needed to be replaced. He also at one time owned a real estate developing company that bought older homes, renovated them, and resold them to others. You can visit his Facebook page.


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