Whitney Wolfe is one inspiring woman who is using her power in the world to make a change in the world. She is the castor of the eve popular dating app Bumble. This app has been giving women the ice they have been waiting on for years and years. Bumble gives women the chance to initiate conversations, allowing for women to stop being in fear that a man is going to send a dirty message right after they match. The best part about Bumble is that women get to decide in an instant if she wants to talk to a guys eh just matched with or not, and she can instantly un-match if she chooses to.

What’s amazing about Whitney Wolfe is that she is here to make a change. The first big thing she is doing in the world is obviously empowering women. She is doing this on such a huge level that so many people don’t even notice what kind of a change this app is making in our society. It’s giving women the confidence to speak first, and in doing so, they are bringing this to the real world of dating as well. It’s also giving men that knowledge to step back. It’s important to know as a man that there are men out there who abuse their power in business, and each man who uses Bumble is taking that step in the right direction to show other men why it’s important to not disrespect women.

Whitney Wolfe is unapologetically herself. She strives to be honest and real and to share that to the world no matter what they say. Wolfe is here to try and stand up against gun violence. She is here to help guide people to stop romanticizing gun violence. Men are no longer allowed to post anything with guns or any form of dangerous machinery that can be weapons. Photos are being cracked down upon by going through different profiles and checking to see what men are posting. They want to remove all harmful photos.

Whitney Wolfe is here t make a change. she knows that with her voice she can make a change and stand up for anything and make her voice be heard. She was recently announced as Person of The Year by Time Magazine, and she is proving Whitney Wolfe deserves it every day by building her name and app and making them create change in our society one dating profile at a time.

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