Hussain Sajwani is a successful entrepreneur in the United Arab Emirates. His fame sprang up out of his firm, Damac. The Company was founded in 2002 with an aim providing foreigners with accommodation and investment properties.

Sajwani bought land in the undeveloped parts of Dubai town and built up structures and soon areas attained the image of a city. Besides, Damac Properties has helped considerably in raising the housing and living standard of the residents in Dubai. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Damac Company has collaborated with several other firms and real estate developers. The company has worked with The Trump Organization to develop two golf course stadiums. One of the projects is complete while the other is targeted to be completed by the end of 2018.

Donald Trump praised Hussain Sajwani Family due to the innovative business deals they have engaged in the past. Additionally, they are actively involved in numerous property development projects, which have helped them gain fame and amass great wealth.

Hussain Sajwani had started his career in the food and catering services before trying his hand in other businesses ventures. He was involved in supplying food to the American army and he has been a great pillar in providing food and related services. This is just one of his many ventures that have earned him a lot of money and helped him gain exposure and business leadership experience.

On top of being the founder of Damac, Hussain has also involved himself in other activities relating to property development, property management, and catering services. He is a member of advisory boards in institutions such as Majan University, Emirates Takaful Company among others.

In 2011, Damac Properties launched a hospitality division to offer personalized services to the people in the hotel apartments. This project is targeted to be the largest amongst the hotel developers in the world.

Due to his dedication and effective leadership, Sajwani has been able to grow damac to its present global status. It is currently serving hundreds of projects that deal with foodstuffs on a daily basis.

Besides, has spread to various parts including, the Middle East and Africa. This just shows the great impact he has made not only in his country but also in other regions.

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