George Soros is one of the most famous philanthropists in the world and has advocated for equal treatment of every individual regardless of their race, occupation, and class. George has over the past years given many donations to cater for the needs of all people that fall victims of social discrimination including commercial sex workers, drug users among others. Soros fell victim of social discrimination while at a tender age and experienced a lot of struggles due to the danger he was exposed to by the heartless Nazi people. Through the effective tactics that his family used, George survived the harsh conditions and later moved to Budapest. He then moved to London where he strives hard to accomplish his goals.

While at college, George served as a waiter to meet all his needs and including paying his school fees. He was highly determined towards being a great investor and later moved to the United States after perusing economics. With a great determination to accomplish his goals, George started a fund management company that saw him become one of the most prolific investors in history. He began his work of philanthropy in the late 1970`s and targeted to help all individuals affected by the society`s discrimination. George helped most South Africans affected by apartheid and continued with his venture. Soros has over the past years acted as the voice of most individuals that are considered inferior in the society. He has helped to fund and provide scholarships to some companies and has over the past years catered for the education of discriminated individuals in the community.

George highly criticizes people who use force and oppression on other people, so ass to survive in the society. He believes that every person has their rights and deserve to live peacefully as the world belongs to everyone. Besides. George highly recommends Karl Popper’s way of thinking and believes that he promoted the equality through the various texts that he published in the twentieth century. George encourages individuals to critically analyze their decisions when it comes to making investments to avoid venturing into wrong businesses.

Though his first ventures did not succeed as he hoped, George has achieved most of his dreams through the various firms that he has set up in over twenty-five countries that mainly aim at catering to the diverse needs of people, particularly the victims of social discrimination. Besides, George Soros believes that social justice should be one of the primary focuses of the administrative personnel’s as by putting their attention to the issue helps to ensure that every individual in the nation gets equal treatment. Besides, Soros insists that conducting campaigns to tackle the issue provides that people respect each other regardless of the social factors that make them different.

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