When it comes to technology and the future of connected devices, one outstanding Entrepreneur and frequent writer on the latest technologies is Mr. Jason Hope. Mr. Hope has high hopes and belief in an emerging domain of technology called the “Internet of Things.” Broadly speaking, this term is used to refer to connected technology devices that allow gadgets to sync and communicate with each other and the internet. Such devices include everyday gadgets that we already use in our daily lives, such as a kitchen toaster, a Refrigerator, street lights, cars, transportation vehicles like Buses and Trains, and so forth. Of course, there could arise some devices that do not exist yet. Mr. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will enable devices to connect and communicate using the same network and share vital data to increase efficiencies and decrease waste. Mr. Hope also believes that the Internet of Things has the disruptive potential to change the way businesses operate, and stands to become the single biggest advancement and investment made by the tech industry for years to come. With all sorts of conceivable devices connected and “aware” of each other and data on the internet, undoubtedly there will be a great opportunity for businesses to improve their operations and cut costs and waste.

For example, Mr. Hope points to public transportation, which is a great beneficiary of such significant advances in the Internet of Things. Better monitoring of technical issues for trains, and the real-time mapping of public bus routes to avoid dangerous conditions on the road are all harbingers of the benefits to come. The public (consumers) will also benefit from devices that help them stay more in tune with changing conditions and information around them. As more people opt for public transit, this translates to fewer cars on the road, fewer accidents, and less pollution for the environment. The benefits of the “Internet of Things” is not limited to Urban areas, but to rural locations as well. Mr. Hope’s optimism for the Internet of Things to improve our lives and create a healthier planet are justifiable.

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