Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, who is also a futurist. Jason’s main interest is the Internet of Things (IoT). The entrepreneur focuses on investing in health technology, as he believes that health is an important part of the society. In his words, the health of the people depends on the viability of the health sector; therefore, the best technology must be developed in the field. Jason is also a philanthropist, as he believes that what he earns should be shared with other people as a sign of good stewardship.

Jason has a Bachelor of Science from the Arizona State University, School of Business. Upon graduating from the campus, Jason enrolled for an MBA course from the same institution. Jason attributes his idea of IoT to the courses that he took at the Arizona University. He states that it is almost a demand for anyone who studies in the institution to start a venture that benefits humanity and addresses the future needs of the society. Since Jason inspired by technology since his childhood, he decided to take a career path that matched his interests.

Jason started with selling premium text message services to his customers. He found his first customers through word of mouth from people that he had served before. From there, Jason continued building his network, which has by now greatly expanded. In medical research technology, Jason terms his self as a futurist, although that just forms one of his many areas of technology.

Jason says that his many technology firms are his sources of income. The mother company for all these companies is Jawa, which was the initial company that Jason created. Jawa deals with communication technology; it birthed many partnerships, which have proven to be successful over the years. Jason also raises his income from companies, which offer marketing services such as computer business information, Interactive software, and SEO. Jason says that he cannot be ignorant of the future, a factor that makes him keep focused on where technology is going in the future. Jason says he thinks ahead as that is the only way his services can remain relevant even in future generations.

The profitability of Jason’s companies came almost immediately, and this encouraged him to keep investing in people and companies. It was not without a degree of doubt that Jason invented most of his ventures but he says the doubt was not big enough to stop him. He also says that the ability to overcome fear in business is what sets apart the successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful ones. Jason further says that a successful entrepreneur is defined by how he handles his challenges and failures. Consequently, Jason always handles his problems in a positive manner so that he may thrive.

Jason Hope Info: jasonhope.com/grants/

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