It was said that one of the many ways that a business can succeed is to expunge the dirt and toxic elements of the company. Fortunately, there’s still no element that needs to be eliminated in the tech project, Stellar. With the kind of leadership that Jed McCaleb has implemented for Stellar, it’s now easy to see why there will not be a lot of problems in the future of the company because of how well he’s managed to run it.

The Newest Venture

Did you know that the venture of Jed McCaleb for Stellar is still fresh and new? As a renowned programmer, it is the dream of his to have a company that many people will extol and look up to. Truly, this dream is slowly becoming a reality with his venture and work for Stellar.

Not a mistake will be ignored by Jed McCaleb when he’s looking for the right solutions for people using the ideas he has from Stellar. He does this by identifying the problems in the financial system and creating a platform that will address these issues through Stellar. The technical development of Stellar essentially comes from this drive, and in the intricate workings of Jed, he’s finally able to code Stellar as a solution that cleanses all the toxicities of the many problems of the financial system, which include illiterate financial stakeholders.

The vision of Stellar is to combine non-profit work and technology to make sure that financial practitioners in the economic system know where to put their money and what assets to avoid.

About Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is essentially the CTO and co-founder of Stellar, which he also maintains as a technical development specialist. His background is mainly in providing practical solutions for people who don’t know how to navigate technology to help their business problems. His wonderful project eDonkey, which is a file-sharing network, is now one of the most impressive platforms today that help companies manage their big data.

It is also under Jed McCaleb’s expertise that the first Bitcoin exchange was made, which is the Mt. Gox and it t happened in 2011.

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