Hacking has continued to be a threat to individuals and organizations’ private and valuable information. Many companies and people over the past few years have taken positive moves in order to fight the scorching issue. Wells Fargo is one of the companies that has established advanced measures to battle hacking. The company currently provides smartphones based facial, voice and eye ball biometrics procedures for its clients through the commercial electronic office digital banking platform.

Other banks and financial institutions are applying the same measures in their corporate as well as consumer monetary business. Some of the banks that are using similar biometric measures include Citigroup and Barclays bank among other banks. According to Tractica, the cybersecurity industries is expected to grow in the next decade. Tractica is a market research firm in the United States. Biometrics have been in use for a long period and has proven to be reliable. Some smartphones have been having fingerprints readers for a couple of years now. The U.S military uses iris scanners to identify Taliban suspects in Afghanistan.

Banks are currently applying biometrics as one of the numerous multifactor ways of combatting hacking from connected computer networks. More advanced algorithms referred to as behavioral biometrics have been developed for identification when a single factor of the biometrics has been interfered with. The new method puts into account other forms of biometrics including rhythms, speed and finger patterns. The behavioral biometrics uses the extra personal characteristics for identification in the battle against hackers.

Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill is a publishing house dealing with the publication of investment newsletters and research advisories. It has its headquarters at the Delray Beach in Florida. Jeff Yastine started offering his services to Banyan Hill in 2015. Before joining Banyan Hill, Mr. Yastine worked as a financial journalist and an investor in the stock market for more than 20 years. He worked at the Nightly Business Report as a correspondent. Jeff was also the editorial chief of the Oxford Company. In 2013, he proceeded to be the director of Financial newsletters at the Newmax Media Incorporation.

Jeff Yastine holds a bachelor of arts degree in Telecommunication Electronic Journalism option from the University of Florida. As a journalist, he has been a reporter in numerous national and international news. He reported the 1999 Panama handover and the oil spill at Horizon oil. He has earned numerous awards for his excellent performances.

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