Establishing and maintaining a growing business requires efforts and commitment. In Austin town of Texas, Ascendant Capital LLC is growing rapidly, thanks to the efforts of the founder, Jeffry Schneider. A resident of Austin, Schneider has managed to curve his name into one of the performing businessmen in the town through his boutique.

Schneider founded Ascendant Capital in 2008 and has been in operation since then. The company offers alternative investment services as well as a range of education, marketing, sales and operational services all geared towards innovative financial structuring. With dedication, the company under Jeffry has sought to partner with a network of family offices, broker dealers, private banks and registered investment advisors.

The growth of Ascendant Capital as been quite encouraging considering that since its establishment, the company has now over thirty employees up from the initial two employees in juts their 6 years of operation. By working as an alternative investment coupled with transparency and quality service delivery, the company has managed to attract a large clientele network. Additionally, the company has raised around $1 billion from different managers. Under the leadership and management of Jeffry Schneider (the CEO), the company has established networks with more than 250 investment advisors and countless family offices through its attractive business packages. The company has plans of growing even further with this year’s target being raising as much as $50 million on monthly basis.

Besides performing impressively in the business, Jeffry Schneider has an assortment of other adventurous activities he undertakes personally, not only for enjoyment but to better himself. He believes in eating healthy and keeping fit, and this plays a vital role in his activities. Schneider holds a bachelors of Science degree from university of Massachusetts in Amherst. Before founding Ascendant Capital, he worked at Axiom Capital management and Paradigm Global advisors. He also spent time at Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown and Smith Barney.

Jeffry enjoys a healthy adventurous life. He cherishes eating healthy and staying fit and this has motivated him to participate in a number of marathons, iron man and half ironman’s. Additionally, he has travelled expansively throughout the world touring Europe, South America, and Asia. Besides adventure, Jeffry has participated in active charity sponsoring and helping many less fortunate people in the society and works closely with charitable organizations among them Wonders and Worries, the Gazelle Foundation and Cherokee Home for children.

In a nutshell, blending business and adventure is fully demonstrated by Jeffry Schneider. His education and experience in financial management has made Ascendant capital LLC to grow and attain its current status and with a promising future ahead. Additionally, with continued participation in keeping fit and healthy living initiatives, coupled with Charity work, Jeffry Schneider is a true example of a successful free living person.


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