Jim Toner has been working in the real estate investment business for well over 25 years. He has started out with simple wholesale deals with no credit or money and ended up on CNN for giving homes to veterans. Jim Toner has to endure many incidents beginning in 2010 which caused him to get out of the real estate market.

He, as well as many of his clients, were deceived by a “guru” operating out of Phoenix who ended up stealing their money and causing devastation to their lives. He changed his direction in life and ended up working directly with entrepreneurs and business owners. He even wrote a book called, “Send in the Wolves,” which ended up being a number one hit on Amazon.

He was approached by a world-class marketer and friend and inquired if he was still investing in real estate. Jim Toner schooled his friend on how dirty the market has gotten and that he has learned from his mistakes. The friend made him realize that he had become a real Guru and that he had a great rags to riches story to share with the world.

This conversation was a game-changer, and Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) decided that it was time to get back in the saddle but with a couple of conditions. He would pick the market that he would operate in and recruit the best local investor in town to do business with.

According to Jim Toner, the best way to help people to make money is to walk them through the process and to avoid simply doing what is good for you and not the client. Toner and his team chose five markets starting in Akron, Ohio and have done over 200 deals in that location in just a few years.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner created a good system and is motivated to become the best real estate investment training company in the entire world. His podcast will be called The Band of Rebels” and will give entrepreneurs something useful to listen to. He’s interested in reaching his goal which is helping others reach their goals.

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