Diversant LLC is an IT service firm based in the US that renders a diversified range of services in Information and Technology field. It was formed on February 1st, 2010 after Diversant Incorporation merged with Info Technologies Inc. Here it used combined effort from the two companies to increase workforce and diversity in rendering services in the IT sector.

Its main fields include offering IT solutions, consultancy, partnering and providing IT related talent to the different clients’ platforms it serves. Primary markets include middle market industries and their Fortune 500 companies. Since its founding, it has increased the number of employees from 500 to 1000. Hence, it also offers job opportunities.

John Goullet started the Info Technologies in 1994 and served as the CEO. Here he was experienced in IT consultancy. He offered top notch services that made him offer masterpiece services to all his clients to meet their satisfaction. The experience him elevate Info Technologies worth to $30million within a period of five years. It has received two awards in the Inc. Magazine, one of which was rated it 8th position in the top 500 fastest growing private firms’ national wide.

John is an expert in the Information and Technology service rendering. Currently, he is the principal of Diversant LLC. He has over 20 years work experience in IT staffing making him render some of the best IT services in such fields including recruitment of workers. He first worked as an IT consultant before changing his profession to purely IT staffing. His expertise knowledge on IT staffing to date has seen him raise Diversant LLC to an award winning private firm nationwide.

Diversant LLC features a seasonal IT recruiting service that understands the most advanced technologies and the market needs regarding IT. Diversant is special in that it does not modify clients resume nor change customers need to match a business opportunity. It is highly networked and has many made relationships with the best companies nationwide. Through this, best IT solutions are guaranteed since it understands clients’ needs, market trends and attends to its responsibilities appropriately.

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