Josh Verne is a United States Serial Entrepreneur working towards making the business a better place for all startup entrepreneurs like him. Josh, throughout his experience of more than 20 years of founding and selling numerous companies in the United States, attributes his success to vision. According to Josh, vision is the art of seeing what other people cannot see while they climb on a tree. For this reason, he has engaged in calculating and developing companies through visionary devices to make more than 50 companies in his entire life. Josh Verne is the current Chief Executive Officer of This is a business conglomerate that lets you have access to more than 20 million subscribers.


  1. Be a leader, not a boss

For you to have success follow you to every corner of your life, you must first have all it takes to do business. For this reason, you must choose to become a leader and not a boss. In a business setup, there are two types of management positions one has to choose. A leader and a boss. For the leaders, they engage in acting on issues that let their junior servants work towards accomplishing their goals using their positions, for this reason, they also demand respect from their junior members. As a matter of fact, they do what is in their best interest as workers of the same vine yard.


On the other hand, a leader is the most effective part of any management position. They engage in doing what makes the group under them successful. For the leaders, they work towards making the goal they want to achieve owned by the people under them. For this reason, they work towards attaining the development parts of success. You must first become a leader if you want to succeed in life and business the leader use their position to influence people to take on a mission which they are made to believe belongs to them. For this reason, they give it their best shot like it was their last.

If you want to be respected, you must forget about forcing you will bump into others. Instead, work towards asking them to adopt your will in the most effective manner. Wisdom can be separated from folly through your actions on certain occasions as a leader and not a boss. You are your team are yet to experience unparalleled success if you put yourself behind the interests of the people serving you in different capacities.


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