Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) sources and matches talented and skilled experts for private equity and hedge fund organizations. The firm has been in business for ten years and has been successful in its matching endeavors. Pairing is done across all locations and levels.

The firm attributes the success of its practice to the excellent partnerships and relations that it has formed with both candidates and clients. These solid relationships have been the foundation of the business and have allowed the growth of extensive industry professional networks.

By creating partnerships with a specific group of high level and different firms, DSP has been able to offer commendable customer service. These services have served to enhance the customer base of the company. Through limiting the nature and number of mandates, the team is able to dedicate abundant resources and time that help them understand the specific needs of the client.

The company’s approach to client’s problems makes the execution and design of the customized searches organized, effective, transparent and thorough. DSP is involved in every step of the search process through provision of guidance and market insights to its clients. The company’s headquarters are in New York. In order to meet customer needs, the firm works with companies across Europe, Asia and United States.

Keith Mann is an expert in hedge fund staffing, compensation and hiring strategy. He has been in the executive search industry for more than 15 years. Mann formed Dynamics Executive Search in 2002. The idea to form the company was brought about when he noticed that the growing market was undeserved by the search family.

In 2009, Keith formed Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), which he used as a search firm dedicated to alternative investment firms. Currently, Mann serves as the chief executive officer of DSP. He handles the daily management of the firm. Keith is passionate about education. To this end, he has continuously offered scholarship opportunities to needy students.

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