Over the years, numerous legal minds in the United States have been talking about the limitations of the American legal system. This system has been accused of being outdated and discriminatory. Most citizens of this country have also shared their disappointment with the way legal proceedings are handled. This legal system is termed as outdated as it is unable to tackle emerging issues that the United States currently faces. The long legislation process has also been a major hindrance to positive legal reforms in the nation.

The current legal system is also said to be discriminative as it gives white Americans an upper hand over the other races. This system does not recognize Latino immigrants as part of the American society. A major loophole in the current legal and judicial system emerges from the way the system handles the rich and the poor.  The poor American citizens, on the other hand, end up suffering at the expense of the dodgy ways of the rich.

As the 2016 presidential election campaigns hit up, one of the most talked about the topic has been the reformation of the legal system. The candidates in this race promise Americans that if elected they will foster for a new fair and just legal system. With this reform agendas mainly touching on the majority of voters who are the poor, candidates pushing for this reforms are expected to get a large public support.

But that is beside the point; it is now very certain that legal and judicial reforms are underway. This means that attorney and other law practitioners are going to play a major role in deciding the future of the nation. In this whole process, these legal industry players are expected to do their best to nature the progress of the nation’s harmony and integration. Ross Abelow is one of the names that is expected to prominently future in this reforms. Abelow is a New York Based attorney that is known throughout the country for his legal prowess. Mr. Abelow himself has been campaigning for this reforms since he joined the legal sector.

Abelow says that the coming reforms will mark a new era in the nation legal and justice systems. Ross Abelow has majored his law practice on family and matrimonial law. He is is also and entertainment and sports industries law expert.

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