They say you can tell how long you will live by looking at the longest line perpendicular to the thumb of your right hand. They call this the Life Line. Here at Lifeline Screening we are able to scientifically extend your actual life-line by preventative testing. Our non-invasive painless screenings are as stress-free and easy as having your palm read.We are the one-stop-shop for preventative screenings. Our screenings fall into three categories: ultrasound, finger-prick blood test, and limited electrocardiogram (EKG).

The magic of ultrasound allows us to perform comprehensive cardiovascular and bone mineral density screenings. These ultrasound screenings do more than quantify your general health; they detect aneurysms, and specific bronchial and arterial diseases in the early phases. Measuring bone density should be mandated in adults (especially females) for prevention of osteoporosis.A tiny drop of blood from your pricked-finger enables us to: check your glucose levels, profile your lipids (cholesterol numbers), detect abnormal liver function, and screen for specific proteins associated with development of cardiovascular diseases.Electrocardiogram (EGK) is the most effective tool for early detection of irregular heart rhythms caused by atrial fibrillation. A-fib is know to exponentially increase your risk for stroke. Preventative screening is the only means by which you can be certain that you are not at risk.Our comprehensive screenings detect: glucose problems associated with diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, lung cancers, early onset of osteoporosis, various cardiovascular problems, and other abnormal organ function indicators.

Our professional staff are continually updating their training, with all of the latest medical trends and technologies on-hand for ensuring you the highest quality of care. We examine the finest details of your reports, looking for any abnormal sign that might require further investigation. We are knowledgeable about what numbers to expect in various age groups, something that only comes with wisdom and experience. We pride ourselves on lab-accurate results and having a genuine care for our customers’ health.Visiting our office is as fun as having your palm read!

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