A growing issue in the United States is that people are becoming overweight or in extreme cases obese. In fact, well over half of adults in the United States would be classified as either overweight or obese by a clinical health professional. From this issue many fad diets and workout programs have sprung up hoping to exploit people’s need to lose weight for their own personal gain.

While this occurs everyday there are companies out there who genuinely care about individuals’ personal health and it is very important to distinguish these two radically different types of companies. One company dedicated to treating everyone as their own person instead of just another client is IDLife of whom Logan Stout is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

Instead of supplying one solution for all of it’s customers to follow, IDLife recognizes that every person’s needs are different and therefore require a different strategy to help them achieve their weight loss and other health goals through a personalized supplement plan. Stout and his team firmly believe that personalized nutrition is the way to help the largest number of people achieve their goals because people are so different and therefore require very different health advice.

If supplement companies had cracked the code of what all people should do to become healthy then this health issue would no longer exist. Stout became interested in personal health due to a long career in sports. It is here that Stout realized the importance of strict health regimen and how different people use different techniques to achieve the same result. Logan Stout played baseball for two years in 2004 and 2005 as a pitcher for the Fort Worth Cats who were a part of the United League. Stout’s love of baseball also led him to create the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. This organization allows young individuals to see first hand what it takes to become successful in higher level sports. Part of this program is teaching the kids that personal health is of utmost importance to athletes and that you are never to young to start taking your health seriously. Companies like IDLife led by people like Stout are a sure way to improve the overall health of a nation that is in desperate need of personalized health solutions. Logan Stout has earned two degrees in business and psychology from Panola College and the University of Dallas respectively.

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