Though we may not see it at times, the world is a place full of hope, love, beauty and promise. It simply takes the willingness to look for these things, and a way for people to join together to celebrate the wonders of life. Lovaganza may well prove to be a catalyst toward the type of world that we can all celebrate, embrace and thrive in.

Though the year 2020 is still a bit down the road, Lovaganza has big plans for that momentous year. All over the world, the build up to Lovaganza 2020 are already in motion, and have been for some time. From the first pre-events in 2015, to ongoing activities that will take place over the next few years, it is apparent that something huge is on the horizon. If the team that is working hand-in-hand to create Lovaganza has anything to say about it, this will be an event quite unlike anything the world has experienced to date.

Through a unique blend of innovative motion pictures, imaginative events and entertaining shows, Lovaganza is building up momentum every day. The ultimate goal being a worldwide showing of solidarity, love and unity that will help us all to better relate to our fellow human beings and to enjoy a planet filled with rich cultures and unforgettable moments.

From California to Mumbai, motion capture projects, artwork and other contributions to the Lovaganza experience are being created around the clock. In news that will likely delight Lovaganza participants, the Lovaganza Trilogy motion picture is being created in Super Panavision anamorphic 2.76 screen ratio.

In a day and age where it is far too easy to become isolated and inactive, Lovaganza 2020, and all of the events leading up to it, allows people to come together in an authentic way to enjoy sights, sounds, art, interaction and all of the things that make living in this world worth celebrating!

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