Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the CEO of Bradesco which is a private banking firm with their headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. They are one of the largest banks in the country and they have extensive resources at their disposal to play a large role in the economy as they compete for market leadership with their main rival Itaú Unibanco.

Trabuco, as he known by many, has served as their top leader and visionary since 2009 when he was appointed to replace Márcio Cypriano in the wake of the global financial crisis.

A wealth of experience and an intimate knowledge of Bradesco’s business culture is what Trabuco brings to his leadership post. The continuity and renewal that the bank has practiced for decades are embodied in the career of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. He has served in an array of top leadership positions throughout the company which gives him the big-picture view that lends itself well to leading an organization such as Bradesco.

The CEO’s job at Bradesco carries with it a certain cache among media, business, and political elites which makes his opinion very much sought after. Newspapers and magazines regularly print his commentary on important financial matters which greatly affect the country. Some of the largest financial projects in the nation are underwritten using funds provided by Bradesco and their influence throughout the economy is great.


The tenure of Trabuco as the CEO of Bradesco has been punctuated by innovation and a respect for the traditions established by prior top leaders. A corporate university was established by him that has enabled the company to groom those employees that exhibit potential for high leadership positions. They are able to receive additional training and are a given a greater voice within the company. This has permitted the company to strengthen its leadership ranks and gives likely candidates something to aspire to.

The company’s marketing efforts were modernized and updated when Trabuco was their leader and he displayed a sensibility for current business practices that have served Bradesco well. For the first time in the company’s history, they interacted with the financial press and increased their publicity and brand awareness in society. This is a demonstration of his innovative bent that has manifested itself at various leadership posts in his service at Bradesco.

Another tenet of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi that has been emphasized in his leading of the company is the focus on organic growth. During his time as CEO, the number of account holders has steadily increased and organic growth has become a vital part of their prosperity as they move forward.

The economic softness that trailed in the wake of the Great Financial Crisis was present when Trabuco took over as CEO in 2009. It was a difficult time to take the reins of leadership, but he did an admirable job of shifting Bradesco back to organic growth and improving their customer service at local branches. This renewed emphasis on core components of the business also bought them time as they considered potential acquisitions.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was instrumental in Bradesco’s purchase of the Brazilian branch of HSBC. This was the largest such deal in the country during 2015 and it significantly increased the resources of the company and added a great deal to the size of their business. Once again, they were competitive in the battle for market leadership and it also brought to the company’s coffers the equivalent of six years worth of organic growth.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is known to be soft-spoken and is ready with a broad smile to engage with people. He avoids an ostentatious manner and eschews overt displays of wealth, preferring instead conservative business apparel. He is known to work long hours and sometimes will enjoy a nice business related dinner.

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