With Papa John’s reporting three negative quarters in a row the new CEO Steve Ritchie is attempting to turn things around at the company a midst some recent bad publicity over the social climate at the company.

Steve Ritchie a man who started his career in the pizza business 25 years ago, and is quoted as saying that “pizza brings people together” recently became the CEO of Papa John’s.

After Ritchie and several other of Papa John’s leaders visited several major U.S. cities, during what he called a listening tour. Where they listened to feedback from team members and franchise owners on how the company can do better in the future.

Once he had finished his listening tour Ritchie penned an open letter to his employees, customers, and franchise owners. In the letter, he informed them of Papa John’s plan to correct the companies declining sales, and social issues. In the letter, he stated that the upper management had recently completed an unconscious bias training seminar and that he planned to implement the training nation wide. Ritchie also stated that they were conducting an independent cultural audit of the companies diversity and inclusion practices. The audit would help provide the company with recommendations on how to move the company forward after recent events.

Mr. Ritchie also outlined in his letter two new long term programs, one of which is aimed at increasing women and minority-owned franchises, and the other will be focused on making positive impacts in the local communities where Papa John’s employees live and work.

Steve Ritchie believes that people are the heart of Papa John’s business and that by forming a new foundation which focuses on supporting organizations that help bring us together and helping fight those that try to keep us apart he will create a solid foundation for the company to grow on.

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