Marc Sparks is not your typical success story. Yes, he is a successful businessman with his own capital fund, but he has an altruistic side as well. But he is not a Harvard educated MBA whose parents gave him millions to make a success of himself.

He is an animated, driven, conscientious serial entrepreneur who, after helping establish dozens of companies, has turned his attention to helping others less fortunate than himself. He has provided housing for the homeless, food for the hungry, and even saves the lives of our furry friends and the people who love them.

Marc Sparks has written a book, They Can’t Eat You which details his successes and his failures in business and life. It should be required reading for all future MBAs and entrepreneurs so that another Marc Sparks could be produced in this lifetime.

Sparks’ latest project named Sparks Tank, a catchy play on words based on the popular television program, offers start-up 501c3 charities a chance to receive $5000. grants from his generosity.

Typical recipients are those offering short-term housing and transportation to the homeless who are attempting to find a way out of poverty and toward making a living.

Marc Sparks even considers giving his grant award to pet sheltering services for the homeless. The homeless lead sad lives of abandonment and to have an abandoned and often mistreated pet to share your meager life with is an excellent way to improve the lives of both man and dog.

While most of us are worried about having the money for a vacation or a new car, these disadvantaged people live their sad lives day by day and often survive, only, thanks to gifts from the generous.

This group, forgotten by friends, family, and society, have been considered hopeless only because they are homeless, but with the generosity of Marc Sparks and the work of other 501c3 charities developing new concepts and services to help this disadvantaged group, there is renewed hope for this group. The humanitarian efforts of Marc Sparks should be applauded and rewarded.

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