The journey of an entrepreneur is quite tough at times. Without any prior knowledge of how to go about it, some guidance comes in handy. When it comes to guidance, the likes of Mike Baur have decided to share some tips that come in handy to upcoming entrepreneurs.

 Background Data

It takes a successful entrepreneur to offer viable guidance when it comes to business startups. As for Mike Baur, his success as an entrepreneur is reflected by the success of the Swiss startup factory. Mike Baur is the co-founder of the Swiss startup factory. Moreover, he also serves as a board member in the company.

For starters, whenever you see a successful project, it all started as an idea that later come to life. Although an idea might exist, it is up to the innovator to see the idea through and make sure it succeeds as per the various projections. All in all, Mike Baur is here to offer advice on how to ensure that your business startup becomes a total success.

Insights offered by Mike Baur on how to ensure your business startup flourishes

Mike Baur starts by saying that the idea comes to you depending on your environment. The environment you live in determines the necessity that you may notice around. A suitable example is a scenario whereby you may notice that your place of residence lacks something. In such a case, an idea dawns on you that something needs to happen. As an entrepreneur, you should make sure that you have utilized the necessity and bridged the demand and supply gap.

Among the characteristics of an entrepreneur is that they never back down when it comes to implementing an idea. Furthermore, the new era that is full of technology has made it easy to reach out to people. The internet has made it easy to connect, and you may be able to reach out through platforms such as Facebook with the sole aim of marketing your products. Some few years back, such technology didn’t exist, but since it does exist in the present, it is good to take advantage of the evolving ear of technology.

Mike Baur’s Tips on the Qualities that come in handy as in the case of startups

The tips are as follows; you should never back down due to failure, trust is paramount, ignoring negative energy is compulsory, work hard and adhere to the highlighted tips. It is also good to share ideas with friends since they will help you to notice the various things you’ll add onto the idea as well as the ideas that you’ll have to eliminate regarding your startup.


While engaging in a startup, failure is a part of the process. In case you experience failure, you should analyze the cause of the failure and work on it tirelessly. As an entrepreneur, by heeding to the tips offered by Mike Baur, you are guaranteed to succeed eventually. Mike Baur has adhered to the various tips he has provided, and he is a living testimony that the tips do come in handy.


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