Omar Boraie is the chairman of Genomic Science Established at Rutgers Cancer Institute. More importantly, Omar Boraie is an executive and the president of Boraie Development LLC. Boraie Development LLC is a private company in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It’s a Headquarters business. The business is under the category of Industrial Buildings and Warehouses. Boraie founded this company in the year 1986 in New Jersey. The company has grown to a level of employing close to 35 staffs and attracting an annual income of $9279614.


Boraie development is interested in all spheres of the municipal real estate market such as assets management, real estate marketing and real estate development. The company has a team of staff that is committed to growing remarkable properties while delivering excellent service to the company’s customers. Boraie Development employs dedication by utilizing their capital, vision, and consistency to every venture. Boraie Development gets capital from sources like large commercial banks as their chief capital source for projects. They also use their assets. The Sam Boraie led company establishes schemes that fascinate residents, financial partners and residents who value -the company’s lasting proprietorship assurance.


Boraie Development company considers management of their chattels as a significant aspect of their comprehensive approach. This aspect helps them to make additional worth for their resources with time. The company also keeps their properties with extraordinary detail and carry out physical upgrading on a continuing basis. Boraie Development company offers management functions such as administration, customer service, leasing, marketing, maintenance, and accounting. Acquisition assets are marketed to fill the increasing economic strains of various urban centers and localities that the company explores. They mostly have deals like master planning for renovation or essential financial reform. The company’s partnerships hunt for accessible real estate ventures and contracts across assets and transaction type. The company also explores for sturdy headship devoted to urban expansion realization and not grand preparation. You can visit their website



Boraie Development company uses four main pillars in its investment process. These stakes are:

  1. Capability to allow for procurement of measure across assets.
  2. Determination of the urban markets to have positive evolution factors.
  3. if there is an evident dedication of the community leadership to the regeneration of distressed zones.
  4. demand/supply features the company’s team considers a promising risk/reward.

For the company to transact any development spots or prevailing building purchases, the client needs to have their development package beside consents, stipulations, plans and any other necessary material.



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