The Omar Boraie Chair was established ( to assist research in precision medicine at New Jersey’s Rutgers Cancer Institute. Endowed chairs show the university’s commitment to Genomic Science. The chair was named after a developer from New Brunswick, Mr. Omar Boraie. Omar has pledged $1.5 million to support the chair. According to this report compiled by newswise, the establishment of the chair was part of an 18 chair challenge by Rutgers University, where an anonymous donor provides $1.5 million match for each 18 new chairs.

Development of Genomic Science

The discipline of precision medicine and genomic science has transformed how medical practitioners approach the treatment and diagnosis of cancer. This field is new, and involves the analysis and treatment of tumors occurring due to genetic factors. It allows oncologists to recommend individual therapies for better results. Former U.S. president, Barrack Obama, acknowledged its national importance during a public address in which he announced that a national precision medicine initiative would be launched. The initiative was going to focus on identifying a cure for cancer among other fatal diseases.

A few cancer centers perform gene sequencing for research purposes. However, Rutgers Cancer Institute is the first facility in U.S., and the only one to use genomic sequencing for treating cancer patients. Genomic sequencing has proven to be valuable in therapies conducted on patients with rare cancers, limited treatment options, or poor prognoses. The improvements on precision medicine have enabled the classification of cancers to populations that have the same features but different genetic factors. This helps in predicting patient outcomes and identifying individualized cancer treatments.

Scientists at the Rutgers Cancer Institute have made significant strides in precision medicine targeting patients with non-responsive cancers. Omar Boraie, while making his pledge, remarked that he was hopeful that his donation would inspire the support of other like-minded individuals to enable the goals of precision medicine be achieved.

Boraie has played an important part in developing New Brunswick as a Healthcare City, The Rutgers Cancer Institute acknowledged that his efforts to support genomic science will impact cancer research and treatment worldwide. To read more about Omar, visit

About Rutgers Cancer Institute

Rutgers Cancer Institute is the only National Cancer Institute that has been designated as a Comprehensive Cancer Center. The State University of New Jersey is a part of Rutgers and like the institute; it is dedicated to the improvement, treatment, and care of cancer patients, and also to acting as an education resource. Physicians at the institute perform translation research and transform their discoveries into medical practice.


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