2/10/2017 Updated Story: Dherbs.com CEO AD Dolphin went back on the Steve Harvey show to talk about the vegan raw food diet that’s recommended when you are trying a cleanse. Dolphin’s intent behind creating these cleanses was always to inspire people to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. His recent appearance on the Steve Harvey show really drove this point home.

Dherbs.com offers a fantastic selection of body cleansing products online, and many notable websites like EarthlyBodies have commented on the many success stories they’ve had. These herbal products are an amazing source for weight loss. Pastor Collins lost 130 pounds with this product.


Collins made an appearance on Steve Harvey’s talk show to speak about this miraculous weight loss in just seven months time. You can see the appearance here. The pastor was originally 352 pounds, and now weighs just 222 pounds. He managed this by eating healthy, using the Cleanse products on a regular basis and exercising. His journey began when his wife was in need of a kidney. Her situation put her in between life and death and changed the life of her husband. Since his devotion is in helping people, he offered her his own kidney.

The difficulties started when he was told he was not a possible donor because of his weight. That’s when he started taking the steps that would transform his life. With Dherbs.com behind him, he lost the weight and gained the eligibility needed to become a donor. Although it is not yet known if he is a kidney match for his wife, he will donate anyway. This will secure her a kidney and save her life. Collins new goal is to reach the 200 pounds he weighed when he was in high school.


Dherbs.com began in 2004 as Dherbs, Inc. They have since become a top herbal company known throughout the world. They offer a twenty day cleanse for the body that has been used by more than 3000 people.


Dherbs.com offers an amazing line of products. Their cilantro dressing has a bit of spice to it yet remains both sweet and acidic. It is delicious when drizzled over a salad. They offer a stew that is so tasty, it is hard to believe how healthy it is. Filled with ingredients like white beans, kale and squash, it is an unbelievable dish when the weather turns cold. They offer delicious choices for your diet to help stop the cravings for foods that are bad for the body. As millions of people will attest, their products work.

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