The college is located in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California in the United States. Although it was started in 1947, its initial classes start until in 1948. OCC is one of the best community colleges nationally with an enrollment of more than 25,000 students per semester.


This college provides a two-year associate of certificates of achievements, art and science degree and lower division classes that can be transferred to universities and other colleges. OCC is ranked the best in the numerical figures of students who move to the California State University and University of California systems among the Orange community colleges. It has state of the art facilities with the latest technology offering more than 135 career and academic programs consisting one of the country’s acclaimed and largest public nautical programs.


Important upgrade

Orange Coast College started offering recycling services in over four decades ago. Recently they have expanded the recycling facility and it is open to the public. It took the construction crew about a year and four months consuming more than $7 million to build the new center. The Adams facility is in an area of approximately five acres. The new building is five times the original facility with meeting area, offices, showers and other rooms. It is open throughout the week with visitors benefiting to the expanded parking lot accommodating up to 45 cars.


Recycling services

The recycling facility serves people across Southern California. They drop a variety of unwanted equipment and materials, which they are compensated for per pound. The facility accepts glass containers, aluminum tins, and cans. The facility can recycle metal scraps, some plastic containers, and defunct appliances and collects an assortment of paper products ranging from cardboard to magazines, cooking oils and old clothes.


This recycling facility recycles different electronics such as computers, printers, TVs, projectors, monitors, and fax machines. It provides a convenient environment to dispose of small batteries and fluorescent tubes that harm the environment with mercury, lead, and cadmium. However, the facility does not accept car or boat batteries.



The recycling program provides the locals with a way of gaining extra dollars, free up storage space and contributes greatly to keeping up the Golden State water and air clean. Learn more:


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