OSI Food Solutions, a subsidiary of OSI Group, has several food processing facilities spread across the globe. The company’s factory located in Toledo, Spain, recently expanded its chicken processing capacity. OSI Food Solutions introduced a new line capable of facilitating the production of 24,000 tons of chicken on a yearly basis. The previous production line could only manage to yield 12,000 tons of chicken in a year.

The new production line aims at enabling OSI Food Solutions Spain to produce about 45,000 tons of beef, pork, and chicken yearly. Twenty new employees got the chance to work with the company to facilitate this latest expansion. The line will help OSI Group solidify its presence across Spain and maintain its reputation as an international meat supplier. OSI Food Solutions Spain got financial support from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund since it demonstrated that the project was economically and environmentally sustainable.

Was the New Production Line Worth Investing

José María del Río, the MD of OSI Food Solutions Spain said that there are increasing demands of chicken products in Spain and Portugal. To him, the demands are likely to increase by 8 percent making OSI Food Solutions Spain profitable. José María del Río is also hopeful that as this trend continues, his company will help paint a good image for OSI Group in the European food market. He’s certain that the new production line is a good investment in lines of the current chicken demands.

OSI Group approved the designs of the production line’s building, which measures 22,600 square feet. The building features an employee lounge, a production hall, shipping and receiving areas and a supply storage area. Other rooms include a product development kitchen for addressing consumers’ and clients’ needs and refrigerated rooms for storing waste containers.

David McDonald’s Thoughts on the New Expansion

As the COO and president of a world-renowned brand, OSI Industries, David McDonald believes that the new expansion will create more employment opportunities. He’s also certain that the project will foster the growth of OSI’s product portfolio. McDonald is confident that OSI Group will get the opportunity to increase sustainability and productivity through the project.

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