OSI Group a company that came to be after many years of hard work by the founders of a small butcher shop based in Chicago. The butcher shop was started by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowsky. He started this business to serve the local community, but over time it developed into a bigger business. A century later, it is the largest food processing plant in the world. The company has been doing very well since it was created in the past one century. It has expanded its operations further and ensuring that as many people as possible get access to processed food products.

OSI Group has been serving the interest of the people for the past once a century and this commitment has been strengthened by a duo leadership of Sheldon Lavin and McDonald. The two leaders are brilliant entrepreneurs who have solutions to challenges that the food industry face. Under the leadership of these two leaders, the company has taken a direction that will lead to success for many more years. They have laid a strong foundation that subsequent management should utilize and take the company up the ladder. Sheldon has been working with this company since 1975 and is the CEO. McDonald has been here for the past three decades and currently serves as President and COO.

OSI Group has employed over 20,000 around the globe so far. The number keeps on increasing with each initiative to expand the business further. Recently, there was creation of jobs after the Toledo plant in Spain branch was expanded. The company is proud to be helping local communities in areas that it is opening up plants to access employment opportunities. Clearly, they are offering more benefits to the customers other than high-quality products. More opportunities will be recorded as the company rises further.

OSI Group has joined hands with other companies in Europe to facilitate efficient delivery of processed foods. Some of the companies now 2orking with OSI include Baho Foods and Creative Foods. These partnerships are helping the company to establish a stable relationship with customers in different parts of the world. The company has been looking to find ways that will help it to dominate the European market, and it now seems like they are closer to attaining that goal. The acquisition of these two companies is a big boost to the operations of OSI Group which have been keen on becoming the key processed supplier on all continents.

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