May 22, 2018, was an enjoyable day for all members of the Fountain House in New York. For over 74 years, the Fountain House has proved to be a haven away from home to hundreds even thousands of members most of whom are mentally ill. The Fountain House was bought and renovated for a noble course: to give hundreds of mentally challenged people a place to call home.

Six mentally ill people who had gone to receive medication and rehabilitation at the Rockland State Hospital in New York started the organization. The aim was to provide a conducive environment for people who live with mental challenges.

To date, the organization, which initially was called ‘We Are Not Alone’, adopted the name Fountain House. Jeremy Goldstein explains that the name Fountain House became the most appropriate in 1948 just four years after ‘We Are Not Alone’ was formed. The name originated from a fountain of water that was in the garden of this New York house. Connect with Goldstein on LinkedIn

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), some 450 million people suffer from mental instability in the world. These people live in jeopardy because they are unable or allowed to perform certain tasks. Jeremy Goldstein says, “Once it is clear that you are mentally unstable, most people will not trust you with anything.

It becomes evident to some that they are not able to handle finances, complete their education, initiate and maintain relationships, and even hold a job.” In some cases, some of these mentally challenged persons are unable to take care of themselves. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Jeremy Goldstein’s History

Jeremy Goldstein is a renowned lawyer. He is a man who appreciates others and loves working with other people to accomplish a certain mission if it supports a noble course. He has a law firm called after his name Jeremy Goldstein.

James has many titles, which include a layer, a public speaker, a writer, and a member of the Board of Directors at the Fountain House. Before forming his own law firm, Jeremy Goldstein worked with other accomplished lawyers to run one of the most respected law firms in New York. He holds a J.D. Degree from New York University School of Law.

Jeremy Goldstein has an impeccable track record as a compensation lawyer. He has managed to lead growth in the companies he has worked for in a big way. He has been in big corporations such as Goldman Sachs and Verizon where he has helped them draft good compensation policies.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a man who has a lot on his plate right now. He is a man who knows a thing or two about the financial world and how to protect the wealth of his clients. He is a certified specialist in many financial areas like annuities, state and trust funds, and retirement planning. He sits down with a client to go over a specific plan for that individual client. Richard Dwayne Blair has come up with a three-pillar approach to financial planning. Here is more about that in detail.

The first pillar involves talking to the client about his or her goals and how to reach them. Richard details a comprehensive roadmap for the client to keep track of how to attain the goal. Once the roadmap has been established Richard Dwayne Blair gets down to the real nitty-gritty of the plan. Richard identifies the strengths, risks, and opportunities for growth in the client’s portfolio. This allows Richard to create a path to get to the client’s goal.

Once the first pillar has been established by Richard and the client, the second pillar goes into effect. Richard develops a long-term strategy for the client in order to reach his or her financial goals. Richard makes sure to keep an eye on the market and be able to allocate the client’s funds from one section to another so the client can get the most out of the investments that are made. When the market is on a downturn, Richard keeps the losses to a minimum and keeps his eye on the financial goals he and the client have set.

The third and final pillar is implementing and monitoring the plan that has been set in place from the first two pillars. This allows Richard the ability to compare what the client wants and the goal of the company as well. By using current and historical data, Richard can make sure the strategies put into place work effectively for all concerned.

This is what makes Richard Dwayne Blair stand out from the rest. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


Naturally, not very many people would want to practice law. Unlike in other careers, in law, one has to be highly disciplined and ready to serve the public without discrimination. However, that was different with Bruno Fagali. Bruno is an outstanding and competent lawyer with a rich legal background. With his young and brilliant mind, he has made incredible improvements to the Brazilian law.

Work Experience

There are different disciplines in law. Interestingly, Bruno has managed to work in almost all the areas. Some of the law disciplines he is conversant with include; administrative law, state law, parliamentary law, electoral law, ethics, compliance, and many more others. For that reason, his firm serves a good number of clients across Brazil. He represents corporate executives, companies, professionals, and many more others in need of advocacy services.

Bruno Fagali currently holds two job positions. He serves as the corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB. He joined the law firm way back in 2015. He also practices independently in his law firm, the Fagali Advocacy. Indeed, it is clear that his experience did not just come overnight. He has worked for it for more than 11 years in different disciplines under law.

Fagali Advocacy

This is a private advocacy firm based in Sao Paulo in Brazil. It was established by Bruno back in July, 2016. The firm is among the top list of the most performing corporations in Brazil. Its performance is attributed to the commitment, dedication, and efforts employed by its staff. The firm specializes in anti-corruption law, parliamentary law, public law, compliance, and electoral law. Lastly, the corporation is known for its extraordinary monitoring, training, consultancy, and defense services in all areas requiring law.

Educational Background

The able legal expert, Bruno, is a graduate of two notable universities. In 2009, Bruno received a bachelor’s degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University. He later continued with his education in the same university, but this time he specialized in administrative law. In 2012, Fagali proceeded to the University of Sao Paulo where he earned his MA in State Law.

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The problem with decentralized markets has always been fragmentation and fraud. Decentralized markets allow for wide-scale selling and trading across various regions with mixed currencies. The problem is that there is little to no regulation, so transactions are open to fraud. It also requires a plethora of companies to handle the exchange of currency amounts. This creates fragmentation which weighs down transactions to a snail’s pace.

Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX, is the new trading platform from Malcolm CasSelle and OPSkins. The platform allows for cross-game transactions by using decentralized markets, but it avoids the pitfalls of fragmentation and fraud by using recent technology that is revolutionizing cryptocurrency. WAX uses blockchains and tokenization to use the benefits of decentralized markets with no danger of blowback. According to Malcolm CasSelle it is the future of cryptocurrency, and the gaming market will take cryptocurrency mainstream.

CasSelle is the current CIO of OPSkins, and the acting president and CEO for WAX. A talented investor, entrepreneur, and executive CasSelle has been involved with online markets since 1995. He has founded numerous business, and operated in various echelons of digital business. Under his tenure OPSkins has risen to a top global seller of in-game assets, and the number one bitcoin merchant worldwide.

CasSelle has been involved in cryptocurrency for years. Beginning with his work n the gaming market for digital asset purchase, and continuing through his early stage investment in Bitcoin. CasSelle also has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in computer science from MIT and Stanford respectively.

WAX allows for player to player trading and sales. Players can actually use purchased digital assets for as a currency, gaining a return of investment through trade and outright sale. Tokenization allows for assets and currency to be given digital value, serving as a placeholder for physical mediums. This means that exchange services are not needed as the tokens revert to whatever currency the players use. This takes away fragmentation. Blockchains provide validity to proceedings by generating smart lists to protect operators.


Rodrigo Terpins is a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team a team they founded with his brother Michel Terpins. This team was founded when his brother moved from Cross country to rallying. The two come from a family that highly values sports given their father, Jack Terpins played professional basketball in the late seventies and early eighties. Rallying would become an important aspect of both their lives and as such they have dedicated a good portion of their time to training and competing in a number of events most notable being the annual Sertoes Rally. This is the toughest rally in the Brazilian rally circuit, and it entails an all-terrain route that in almost all editions covers more than 2600 kilometers. Terpins has participated in about five of these events in which he was a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. During the 22nd edition, he and his partner Fabricio Manchiani were on board the T-Rex competing in the T1 prototype category where they managed to finish third in their respective category and scoop position eight overall. Rodrigo Terpins even was instrumental in convincing his brother to move from Cross country to rally at a time when his career was at its peak. He would then help him settle into the new competition by working with him as a navigator before finally taking on the driver’s seat. Check out


This close bond of brotherhood it was has made the Bull Sertoes Rally Team one of the most consistent teams within the Brazilian rally circuit. The two brothers continue to challenge each other even though they represent the same team. The team now has a developer MEM Motorsport which is responsible for developing the T-Rex. This car has undergone a number of improvements after every race, which has turned it into a formidable racing machine.

Rodrigo Terpins is also a businessman having established his own company T5 Participacoes. Even though he may not run its day to day affairs, he still retains a sit on the board of directors something that helps him concentrate on his rally career while still getting insight on how his company is doing.



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With technology changing rapidly over the past few years, it has become a significant thing for companies to place attention in adapting to the latest technology. The business sector stands to gain or lose from technology innovations, and it is therefore in the interest of the business people to ensure that they have aligned their business according to the latest technologies. You can tell that in every month some major technological innovation is coming. In the recent three decades, technological innovations have been rapid. In fact, in this period, many traditional companies have died out of the technological innovations which have kicked them out of business.


One person who understands the impact of technology in business is Louis Chenevert. He is the former CEO of UTC. United Technologies Corporation is one of the biggest conglomerate businesses in the world. The company has many conglomerate businesses under it, but the aerospace business is the most popular. Louis Chenevert was the CEO of the company between 2008 and 2014. His tenure made history as one of the tenures which have recorded good results in recent years. He left the company in a better position that he found it. UTC has its offices in Connecticut, and it is one of the multi-billion dollars in the world.


UTC has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of jet engines. It has also been working with NASA in creating equipment which facilitates space exploration. The two have been cooperating since 1966. UTC has also established itself as a leading company in supplying jet engines for commercial planes and military aircraft.


After Louis Chenevert took office as the CEO, in 2008, he took measures which led to rapid growth of the company at a time when other companies were collapsing due to the 2008 financial crises. In the six years that he was at UTC, the company share value tripled. One of the reasons why he made such success was because he applied technological innovation in running in the company. He made sure that innovations were made. One of the innovations was the development of the Geared Turbofan engine. This is the best-selling product from the company since Louis Chenevert joined the company. He has left, and it is still performing very well.


Jeunesse AM and PM Essentials are nutritional supplements that have been designed to eradicate or diminish the characteristics of early aging. These dietary products have also been known to offer the body with mechanisms such that it can cure itself while at the same improving its overall health. The Food and Drug Agency has approved these products after a lengthy period of clinical research, and they have been declared safe for human consumption. It is essential to understand that aging is a natural process that has to occur.


However, several factors emanate from you, which might have a significant effect on the rate at which you age. Factors such as stress, genetics, and lifestyles play a crucial role I damaging some of your cells. However, your body has to respond by repairing the damaged cells to slow the rate of aging. The more your body reacts, the more you are likely to remain healthy while at the same time slowing the rate at which your cells age.


AM Essentials supplement controls oxidation and natural DNA repair so that your body can repair itself on a continuous basis which improves its overall health. On the other hand, PM Essentials focuses on ensuring that the body has a restful night where it will repair all the worn out cells and other body tissues. The balanced process of ensuring that you work during the day and repair the worn out tissues ensures general body health and longevity.


Benefits of AM and PM Essentials

  1. Plays a key role in ensuring that nails and hair are healthy
  2. Supports the body immune system
  3. Provides energy during the day and ensures a restful night
  4. Protects cells against damages caused by free radicals


About Jeunesse

This is a firm that uses innovative methods to prepare anti-aging products and skin protection creams with the aim of ensuring a youthful appearance. The company has 30 operational offices around the world, which are fully furnished and enough staff members to support the operations of the company. Besides, Jeunesse products can be located in more than 130 countries around the world, which is a clear show of might and power of the products produced.

Among the construction companies in the country, Aloha Construction is one of the most notorious of them. Their hard work and efforts have taken the family-owned company a long way from where they began. The companies dedication to helping others and improving the community has earned them even more than just the respect of their customers.

Specialty jobs

One reason that Aloha Construction became increasingly popular over the years is that they perform great work. Their jobs are often described as being finished quickly and efficiently while being done adequately. The company specializes in three different areas of work including:

  • Roofing: Need roof work? Look no further. Workers perform a nine-step inspection before deciding on the best roof layout for your home.


  • Siding: Siding is a process that takes a lot of hard work to do. Whether you need a professional remodeling or a simple touch-up, employees are ready for the task.


  • Gutter Work: Gutter work is another job that this company specializes in. Working on your gutters can be dangerous, so allowing Aloha Construction workers to take care of it may be the better option.

Dedication to the helping others

On top of their physical labor, Aloha Construction employees has done a lot to give back to the community and those in need. On top of things like partnering with local clubs and organizations, Aloha Construction held a charitable shopping spree that earned them a lot of respect from the community and nation. During the event, children were given the opportunity to run around a local store and grab as many free toys as they could in 60 seconds. During the event, a family with four children collected around $7,000 worth of free toys.

BBB Torch Award

The combination of quality construction work and charitable tasks has earned this company the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the Torch award is a very prestigious award and companies must meet a variety of stern criteria to earn the honor.

Mark Mckenna went to Tulane Medical School to earn his degree. While he was in school, he knew that he will never make enough money only as a doctor. It was a tough way. After graduating with medicine in 1999, he didn’t stick with medicine but built a business dealing with real estate located in New Orleans. In 2005, the Hurricane Katrina Struck where he lost a lot of millions overnight. He rebuilt it again but at later days, he dissolved his company, relocated his company to Atlanta where he opened sharpened. These were offices which were offering cosmetic treatments like laser hair removal, botox injections, and weight and nutritional counseling.


The hurricane gave him a great loss and New Orleans left like a war zone. The government gave a lot of subsidies. He had the chance to design, build and then flip the properties. Some investors could lease the properties but considered as low-income housing.


When Dr. Mark Mckenna later in 2015 sold his business to publicly. He was in an interview and he talked why he preferred business instead of medicine. When he was asked whether he wanted to go business direction instead of treating the patients, Dr. Mark Mckenna said that even though physicians make more money and drive nice cars, he used to look at his father how he changed when paying bills and reimbursement was affecting his career. That was why Dr. Mark Mckenna started buying real estates when he was still in medical school.


When he was a student he could even afford to buy reals estate. This was possible because he could moonlight at prisons where he could do some physicals on prisoners and he was being paid $ 50 in an hour. He had to invest 100% of the money he earned.


He talked about his medical practice where he said that together with his father, he did general practice for a period of five years while he was still building his real estate company. He considered medicine as a rote and he had been attracted to engaging different parts of his brain.


Real estate was what made Dr. Mark Mckenna a successful man. His business was described to be worth $ 4 million to $ 5 million. He has been making $ 500,000 and more in a year.

Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. Under the leadership of the principal founders, Wesley Edens of BlackRock Financial Management Inc, Randy Nardone of UBS and Rob Kauffman of UBS, the company developed into an alternative hedge fund manager, a real estate investment manager, and a debts securities evaluator. Nonetheless, Wes Edens has been the major contributor to the company’s growth.


Wes Edens started his career in California Savings where he worked in the loans department. Shortly after, he joined Merrill Lynch followed by Smith Barney. Around 1987, he started working for Lehman Brothers where he served as the director for mortgage division. He also became a partner in 1993. In the same year, Edens landed a job at BlackRock Financial Management serving as the director for a private equity fund. Later in the years, he landed a job at BlackRock Asset Investors.


In 1997, Edens was joined by his business associates in an investment scheme for distressed assets. Later into the years, they decided to form Fortress Investment Group, a move that contributed to the appointment of Wes Edens to serve as an executive leader. In 2007, he facilitated the publication of the company in the New York Stock Exchange. Edens is not just a businessman. In fact, he is more of a philanthropist than an entrepreneur. Primarily, he gives to the less fortunate in educational causes, health, and art, and technology advancement. His lifetime giving is more than $2.7 million. Additional contributions he is known for include giving $1 million to Macalester College, and $700,000 towards Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. From 2006 to 2010, he had given $500,000 to the healthcare system.

The Observation

In 2009, Edens continued to serve even though Fortress Investment Group was undergoing some challenges in regards to dwindling shares. In 2017, the company was bought by Softbank Group Corporation, a technological company. In this new acquisition, it Fortress Investment Group moved to the new umbrella with its employees. Wes Edens is one leader that managed to retain his position. This is solely because the company needed him to handle more duties.

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