The United States stock market took a sudden hit on December 4th, 2018 that made a lot of investors panic. Market analysts assumed that the drop might be caused by the global events that have been happening, but the full reason behind it cannot be understood as it is only the beginning. Many people fear that there will be repercussions in the economy after the trade negotiations that have been made with China. The state of the stock market has been uncertain since October when the prices in stock were lower than they had been in previous months. This makes 2018 a bad year for stock markets. Amateur investors and those people that are new to the stock market and how it works need to know that the drop on 4th of December was the result of chain reactions that happened on all levels of investments.

Professional investors, on the other hand, saw the drop as an indicator of economic slowdown and this affected how they interacted with the stocks. Applications and algorithms for investment saw the drop as well, and they reacted to their programming which caused a further descent in the stock market. With stocks continuing to fall a week later, the future of many is uncertain. Many of the uncertain individuals are turning to professional investors and markets analysts for answers on the right investments. While this may be a smart move what many fail to realize is that one cannot equate age and success in the business when it comes investing. The difference between professional and amateur investors is not the age but the strategy that they have in place. If age were a factor when it comes to the stock market, it would never have evolved, and it would be a bed for self-destruction.

The stock market fluctuates drastically from time to time, but the recent downfall presents a storm in what were clear waters. The best move for most investors would be to remain calm and let the storm move by. According to Sandy Chin, there are five ways that one can be mindful and practice level-headedness during a time like this. One is to research the history of the stocks; two is to get more opinions from other people, three is to invest in new stocks at the time, four is to be an investor with a college like a mindset and lastly is to not undervalue an individual investor’s power.

Ted Bauman is the go-to guy when it comes to protecting your assets. With a over 20 years in the non-profit sector. This field allowed him to gain many skills and a variety of knowledge that would help him in his current career as financial writer. He is the founder of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert.

There are many reasons why Ted Bauman is qualified to be a financial expert. He was educated at Georgia State University and The State University of New York. At these universities, Ted earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration and a Master’s degree in finance. His two decade long career in the non-profit sector had him working with international governments in which he advised them on a number of financial matters. He also learned a lot of how corporations and governments operate.

There are so many ways to protect your assets from greedy corporations and the government, according to Ted Bauman. This takes research, time, effort, and finding the right resources that fit your plan. He also provides subscribers with smart stock recommendations. Mr. Bauman advises when looking at your finances take a balanced approach. It is smart to invest in both bonds and stocks. This allows investors to make quick gains with stocks, but also have long term savings building in the background with bonds. Successful investors always know that growing their wealth is going to take time, it’s not just an overnight thing. Slow and steady progress when it comes to financial wealth is the winning strategy.

Ted Bauman says to make long term plan, but also be flexible. He also advises to invest in a variety of stocks, just don’t throw all your hard earned money into one. This also included investing your money in a variety of industries. If one of your stocks bottoms out, you are not going to go bankrupt. You have to be smart about investing to reap the rewards. Ted Bauman is not the only one in his family to pursue a career as financial writer, he has followed in the footsteps of his father.

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Mathew Fleeger, the current chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western, has spent a significant part of his youth in the sites of oil situated in Louisiana and Texas. His father founded the Gulf Coast Western in 1970 which initially offered little upstream oil services. Mathew did not straight away went to the oil business but first of all began working as an entrepreneur and his career went highly successful as he founded and sold two big companies. After that, he returned to the business set up by his father. Since he has joined Gulf Coast Western, it has emerged as one of the high ranked oil companies of US.

Mathew Fleeger has the edge of years of experience which helped in the development and progress of the company. It explored a lot of productions sites and attracted many strategic partners. It used best technology and machines at the drill sites. The company has raised heavy capital, but the CEO says it is just a head start. Gulf Coast Western is looking forward to forming a venture with American oil exploration and production industry. His past experience has enabled him to go for giant deals now. He is expecting to trade between $55-$75 for WTI.

During the oil recession, Mathew Fleeger used his energy in exploring the ways to increase efficiency. He worked creatively and took risks. Above all, he considered options which he did not consider previously. He believes that optimism is one of the essentials and positive attitude always gives courage and confidence to face adversaries and challenges which are very common in the business world. Being the CEO, he always motivates his employees and makes sure they always work in a comfortable atmosphere. Mathew Fleeger is a down to earth businessman who prevents overreacting and arrogance and always supports upcoming entrepreneurs.

There is more to being a truly successful investor than just knowing how the stock market is performing. Paul Mampilly of the leading contributors to Banyan Hill Publishing Company has greater than 20 years worth of experience in the investment world. As a comes close to the end of the year Paul Mampilly recommends that we take a step back and looked at how things are going so that we can have some predictive power over the next year. It is easier to make wise decisions whenever you understand what the big picture is. Paul Mampilly has lived in the United States of America since he was 18 years old and has over 20 years of his investing experience in Wall Street.

Today he primarily rights his investment advice news columns for individuals who want to know how to invest wisely. Paul Mampilly has made a couple of predictions about what the coming year entails. He believes that in the coming year more businesses will be able to capitalize on the use of big data. While big data has been making news headlines for a while only the largest companies have been able to capitalize on this technology so far. According to Paul Mampilly in the coming year the rise in the value of homes will slow. Over the last 10 years, homes have been appreciating at between five and 7% which has helped consumer confidence tremendously.

Over the next year, it is anticipated that this will drop to around 1.5% and will remain around there for quite a while. This will likely have large ramifications on consumer confidence and business overall in the United States of America. Paul Mampilly says, the impact that small startups have had over the last several years will begin to capitalize on as businesses adapt to modern consumers. The success that the smaller startups have had have shown that personalized his marketing techniques can be quite successful. Companies will need to find ways to provide unique user experiences in order to get customers interested and keep them interested. This will mean a large shift in the way that many businesses handle marketing.

Earlier this year, Cytovance Biologics, Inc., a manufacturer of mammalian and microbial biologics, assigned Edwin Miranda as the Vice President of Quality. He is expected to lead Cytovance’s quality functions. Who is Edwin Miranda and what are the other things he has done for Biologics?

Cytovance Biologics, Inc., welcomed Edwin Miranda in their ranks as the Vice President of Quality. Miranda got over 33 years of experience in quality assurance as well as biologics and cosmetics. He is also a member of the faculty of University of Michigan School of Kinesiology and has 19 papers about Biologics. He also has experience in encompassing solid and liquid oral does, as well as in the cosmetics industry. Dr. Jesse McCool, the Senior Vice President of Cytovance’s Research and Development says that the company is very fortunate to have an experienced executive join their team.

Edwin Miranda has an experience in quality control before. He was the leader of the Quality Assurance team for the launch of the New Drug Application or NDA or Keppra. He also served as the Vice President of Quality Assurance in URL Mutual Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Piramal Critical Care, Inc., and Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging.

Because of his success in the world of pharmaceutical quality assurance, Edwin Miranda has been a known name in his industry. Developing a remediation plan to correct 483 observations, he received the Establishment Inspection Report (EIR) in good standing. Among his research papers are “Endogenous Secretory RAGE Increases with Improvements in Body Composition and its Associated with Markers of Adipocyte Health”, and a study about high fat meals and their effect on human’s RAGE (receptor for advanced glycation end-products) with no effect before aerobic exercise.

Cytovance Biologics is known for its stints in manufacturing and producing therapeutic proteins and antibodies for microbial fermentation and mammalian cell culture. They offer Biologics services with their state-of-the-art facilities located at Oklahoma City.

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Dr. Saad Saad has spent most of his life caring for the wellbeing of children around the world. As a pediatric surgeon, he has performed complicated surgeries that have saved many lives. He has been sought out by many doctors and nonprofit groups to assist in complex medical matters.

Dr. Saad Saad has performed surgeries free of charge several times in his career to patients who required immediate medical assistance but did not have the funds capable of paying for care.

The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund is an organization that helps to connect poor Arab children from the Middle East with a doctor who can provide them with necessary medical assistance. The organization has asked Dr. Saad’s help to care for children both here in the United States and in Palestine. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

The PCRF first sought Dr. Saad Saad to help a fifteen-year-old boy who had been shot several times by the West Bank. The local surgeons were able to keep the boy alive, but they felt the complications from the gunshot wounds were beyond their expertise, so they sent him to seek treatment in the United States. Dr. Saad Saad observed the boy and felt that his situation warranted immediate complex medical treatment. The boy underwent a seven-hour surgery to mend his gunshot wounds and fix any internal damage that had been caused. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

The PCRF later asked Dr. Saad Saad to treat a young boy who had been hit in one of his legs with a bomb. The boy had once been a reputable soccer player, but after his injury, he was unable to walk and was forced to get around in a wheelchair. He needed a nerve transplant in order to walk again. Dr. Saad Saad considered a nerve transplant to be beyond him, however, he sought a doctor who could safely perform the procedure. Eleven months later, the boy returned to Palestine being able to walk, as well a play his favorite sport.

There were eight times in which Dr. Saad Saad had been asked by the PCRF if he could travel to Palestine and provide free medical care to children in need. Dr. Saad Saad gave several reasons why he felt obligated to travel to Palestine and offer his services.

First, he believes in performing charitable works and believes those who lack the appropriate funds to pay for medical care should still be helped. Another reason that he traveled to Palestine was to teach young, ambitious Palestinian doctors.

He felt that training in the United States as a doctor played a huge role in his own success, and was also the reason he was so knowledgeable. He also felt that he could save the Palestinian government transportation costs if he traveled there personally.

There was big news earlier this year when Talos Energy and Stone Energy Corporation completed the much-anticipated merger that was announced last year in 2017. At the completion of this merger, the combined company began being traded on the NYSE as “TALO”. With the commencement of this merger, the new combined company will have their main headquarters in Houston, Texas. Their Chief Executive Officer Timothy Duncan believes that their shareholders will see a lot of benefit from this merger.

By combining Talos Energy and Stone, there is much more liquidity for the company as long as an increase in their scale. They are poised to be able to capitalize on the assets in their portfolio as long as their programs in both Mexico and the United States. With this merger, there is a lot more potential for significant business opportunities. This merger may have been a great deal of work for everyone involved, but it is appreciated and recognized by the CEO of Talos Energy.

Some of the details of the merger include an agreement for a $600 million credit facility in which $300 million was available when the merger was completed. Currently, Talos Energy has available liquid cash of $150 million and a liquid assets total of around $450 million. More details of the merger will be released as time goes on. The merger is expected to help both businesses increase their revenue and Stone will be an important part of the portfolio of Talos.

Along with news of a merger, Talos Energy also made headlines for being one of the best places to work in Houston. The Houston Chronicle named them as one of 2018’s Top Work Places. There were many factors that were taken into mind when choosing the companies that made this list. While Talos has fairly average wages for their employees when compared to other businesses in the area, each employee is considered an owner of a small part of the company. When the company does well, they are rewarded and therefore motivated to work hard so everyone on their team can succeed and do well financially.

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Coffee cultures is a pervasive phenomenon that is present throughout the entire world. There can be little doubt that coffee is one of the most beloved beverage options that can be found anywhere in the world. It is also true that not all coffees are created equal and there are a lot of options out there with coffee in terms of roast strength and different flavoring options. There are different types of beans that create different flavor profiles. Organo Gold is a coffee that has made a major impact on coffee culture in recent years due to the high quality of its beans and superior roasting but the product also has the extra benefit of being infused with Ganoderma Lucidum which is a fungus with many reported health benefits to it. Organo Gold is also known for producing a high-quality range of teas and hot chocolate as well as nutraceutical products.

Organo Gold also has a unique method of distribution as the company’s products are not to be found on any store shelves. The coffees and other products of Organo Gold must be either purchased directly from the firm itself or from the company’s extensive network of independent distributors. This is a facet that really marks out Organno Gold apart from its competitors. Due to this unique distribution method, Organo Gold also represents an amazing business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Organo Gold’s Gourmet Black Coffee is one of the most popular products from the company because it tastes amazing and is also infused with a dose of Ganoderma Lucidum. It is even bettter that the Ganoderma is organically certified. It is the perfect coffee for lovers of black coffee and is available through the company directly or through the Organo Gold network marketing system. Fans of this outstanding product can also purchase it through notable e-commerce sites the likes of eBay and Amazon. This is just one of the many outstanding products from the Organo Gold team.

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Several years ago, Paul Mampilly was the hedge fund manager everyone in Wall Street wanted to hire so that their company can start to perform well. With time, however, the businessman changed his career, and he is now one of the renowned investment analysts who is helping Americans who are cautious about the investment decisions they are making. The past years have been exciting for the finance executive who has an MBA from a leading university. His working career story started when he chose to study finance, a course that was becoming very marketable in the society. Although many feared the numbers involved and the complexity of the course, Paul Mampilly took the bull by the horns.

His graduation brought a new start for his life too. The businessman was invited for various interviews, but he chose to work for a company that was called Bankers Trust. Bankers Trust is the company that helped to make Paul successful in the corporate business world. The executive secured top positions in the organizations, and he also got working opportunities in multi-billion companies in the US. The Kinetic Asset Management was one of the funds that can tell about the success they acquired when they hired the services of Paul Mampilly. The institution was branded to be the best in the investment world because of the expertise services that were being provided by Mampilly.

When people are doing so well in their careers, they tend to relax and enjoy the things that are happening around them. Paul Mampilly, however, did not allow this success to hinder him from going for better and bigger things. A finance expert left this exciting life so that he could help more people. The elite class in the community already had wealth at their disposal. Most of the Americans, however, did not know where and when to start investing, and this meant that they were poor. Paul chose this group of people to work with, and the rest has been history. His first step was starting a newsletter that would reach as many people as possible. His investment newsletter is published by Banyan Hill, and it has so many subscribers. His primary goal when writing in this platform is to make a change in the lives of many investors.

Victoria Doramus is a marketing expert who has been in the industry for a number of years. She is exceptionally creative and experienced in research, identification, and documentation of trends. Over the years she has held a number of roles in marketing and creative campaigns as well as the communication industry. She gained skills in market research, recruitment, networking, market analysis as well as copy creation.

She worked in Creative Artists Agency in 2007 and completed articles for The Cassandra Report and the Trend Central. She also worked for Tendera. Between 2012 – 2015 she worked for Decades: A Century of Fashion and What’s Next: The Experts Guide, Jane Buckingham, and The Huffington Post.She began for a number of charities and got involved in the philanthropic organization in 2016.

Currently, she is working in a number of charities such as the Amy Winehouse Foundation where they work on drug and alcohol abuse prevention among young people. The organization works on the education of youths who are affected and employs music as a path to healing. Room to Read is another charity organization she works with which on increasing literacy in children from poor families. The organization works with communities and governments in various parts of the world to help children form a literacy habit.

The Best Friends Animal Society was established in 1984 to protect unwanted animals from getting killed at animal shelters. Usually old and sit dogs and cats would be killed, the organization provides treatment for sick animals and gives unwanted animals shelter for as long as they are alive. The Best Friends Animal Society supports adoption, fostering and neutering and runs the largest no-kill animal shelter in the United States. Victoria Doramus supports this organization.

The Women’s Prison Association also benefits from her support. It works towards keeping women out of prison and is involved with women throughout the criminal justice process. The Women’s Prison Association believes that imprisonment does not solve the problem for society or the women and community-based solutions are the way to go. The organization also helps women rejoining society after incarceration.

Victoria Doramus is a marketing expert who attended the University of Colorado in Boulder.