When many people think of Ireland, the labor movement is probably not the first thing that crosses their minds. In many parts of the world mentioning Ireland will often cause people to draw associations between the Western European island and its folklore.

People will often think of popular legend of the leprechaun, figures from Irish folklore that were believed to have devious motives, be small in stature and to have pots of gold that could be found at the end of rainbows.

When other people think of Ireland they might also think of Saint Patrick’s Day which is celebrated to commemorate the death of a Christian missionary who is the patron saint of Ireland and who is believed to have accomplished miraculous feats such as driving snakes off of the island and owning a staff that after being stuck into the ground grew into a tree.

While Saint Patrick’s Day, folklore and leprechauns are parts of Ireland’s cultural legacy they are small parts of a much larger historical narrative of the country.

There is much more to Ireland than little men who give people gold and who wear the color green. Ireland actually gave the world an important figure who helped to shape the labor movement in Ireland and arguably around the world.

James “Jim” Larkin, is a prominent labor rights leader, who was born to Irish parents in England during the late 19th century.

Learning about Jim Larkin is important because it can be very easy for generations of people who grew up with labor protections and rights being commonplace to forget that the policies and regulations that make work environments safer for employees, especially employees who engage in physical labor did not always exist.

In societies where upward mobility was restricted for people that were born into poverty many people were forced to take jobs that often forced them to work in difficult or dangerous conditions for less pay than they deserved.

People who took these jobs were expected to work long hours that left them exhausted and had no guarantee that after years spent offering vital services to a company that they would no longer have to work in their old age and could be certain that they would still be taken care of.

Jim is famous for being a labor leader that worked to change conditions like these. He is known for coining the popular slogan: “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.” He also founded labor unions that advocated for employers to meet conditions that are fairly standard today such as an eight-hour work day and pensions for workers that reached the age of 60.

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Mr. José Henrique Borghi is a highly valued part of the Brazilian Ad Agency called Mullen Lowe Brasil. The agency has been in business for many years but having Mr. José Henrique Borghi has brought the business of Mullen Lowe Brasil to new heights.

In Brazil, the business od advertising is one of the strongest industries in the country. Brazilian advertising is a world’s favorite due to its unique take on marketing and eye-catching style.

Mr. José Henrique Borghi has been dedicated to the industry of advertising for decades. He grew up in a small town, and when he ventured into the business of marketing, he had no idea that he would be standing in front of a cheering audience in Cannes holding a Cannes Lion in his hand. Over the course of his career, he has won and an astounding number of awards currently displayed as a vast collection in his home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mullen Lowe has also been created partly through the work of Mr. José Henrique Borghi. He used to have a company called BorghiEhr which merged with the Mullen Lowe and became what Mullen Lowe Brasil is in the present.

The business of Mullen Lowe Brasil is one of the most developed ones in the country of Brazil. The company has been working with many of the biggest brands not only in Brazil but on an international scale as well. Mr. José Henrique Borghi has created advertising for companies such as American Express, Samsung, and much more. He has also been focusing on helping future advertising agents to accomplish their professional goals. Mr. José Henrique Borghi has been an inspiration to students and aspiring advertising agencies from around the world. He is one of the most successful people working in the industry today and more information click here.

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George Soros is widely known due to his heavy spending, especially during presidential campaigns. He has also drawn enormous public attention through his philanthropic endeavors. In fact, George Soros is known to have donated more than $12 billion to charity. Most of his money has been utilized around the globe in the fight for transparency, accountable government, freedom of expression, as well as societies that promote equality and justice.

Soros used a significant portion of his fortune to create the open Society Foundations, which is a network of projects, foundations and partners operating in over 100 nations globally. Even at his 80s, Soros actively participates in the network’s operations. As such, he travels widely and champions for positive policy reforms together with world leaders both privately and publicly. Read more at Washington Times.

Women’s March and a Day without a Woman

According to a report released by the conservative Media Research Center, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation were the parties behind the funding of both the Women’s March and a Day Without a Woman. They contributed a whopping $246 million between 2010 and 2014 to support 100 out of the 544 groups that were listed as partners of the event.

The Women’s March took place the next day after Trump was sworn into office. It drew nearly 500,000 individuals to Washington, D.C. Both the March and a Day Without a Woman, its follow-up, were largely been criticized for pursuing the left-wing agenda as opposed to supporting women’s rights or opposing Trump.

George Soros in Brief

Prominent billionaire and an investment magnate, George Soros, is the chairperson of Soros Fund Management LLC. He is known as one of the most shrewd and successful investors in the globe today. In fact, George Soros boasts of a net worth of $25.2 billion, which places him in the list of the richest persons in the world. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930 before escaping his country after the Nazi invasion. Soros fled to England, where he got an opportunity to attain his bachelor’s and master’s degree in philosophy at the London School of Economics. Know more on about George Soros.

Armed with an education in his arsenal, Soros was ready to take on the job market. He first worked at merchant banks before founding his hedge fund called Double Eagle in 1969. Later on, he created the Soros Fund Management, which was his second hedge fund. Double Eagle changed its name to Quantum Fund and had $12 million in AUM at its founding. Apart from succeeding in the hedge fund business, George Soros is also a prominent global advocate of democratic causes and ideals. Furthermore, the Open Society Foundations, his philanthropic organization, champions his philanthropic endeavors. It supports human rights and democracy causes in over 100 nations.

In the recent past, the US has experienced a real estate market crisis. But at the moment, the crisis is rapidly shifting towards New Jersey, causing a rebound of housing in the area that is seen as a densely populated area in the entire US. Zillow is a real estate tracking giant and reports in a recent publication on Philly Purge, that State Theatre New Jersey has the highest shares and rates of housing mortgages that are in foreclosure and disparagingly delinquent. This has in turn seen the real estate market in this state significantly trailing the US.

Lawrence Yun, the National Association of Realtor’s chief economist, believes that the housing shortage is set to intensify and would turn to be a housing emergency of the gap between the housing supplies and demands continue to widen. Falling housing, and housing permits will continue worsening since there is a shortage of homes for auction and sale and a rapid pace in which newly built homes are sold. This means that as the inventory bottleneck unblocks, there will be thousands of new properties hitting the market, all in an effort of selling faster than the rest, the condition in New Jersey will get worse. For more details visit Crunchbase to know more.

Some selected towns in New Jersey, however, seem to have a high demand for housing despite the great housing recession. House prices in most of these cities are at an all-time high lately. The high demand or housing can be attributed to easy accessibility of transportation, as most of these towns are near the NJ Transit station. The Capital Economists further predicts of a change in the real estate’s markets, and there will be lower house prices and high-interest rate expectation. As a result, more new homes will come into the market. Further, there will be plenty of jobs, a high demand for homes. Currently, there is a steady rise in prices for homes and rent. Mortgage, on the other hand, is at the moment weak and more available to many therefore eases the boom of housing among New Jersey resident and prospective homeowners.

About Boraie Development

One of the most sorts after companies for contracting and development in New Jersey is Boraie Development Company. With excellent skills and experience, the company has operated for more than two decades and has effectively improved the real estate’s markets in New Jersey. Some of the services that the business engages in include Real Estate Development, Property Management and also Sales/Marketing. Visit

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Some guys seem to have it all, and leave most others wondering how to make it happen. Logan Stout, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of IDLife, does his best to have a life full of fortune and gains. And, in his case, the capital aspect to a winning lifestyle is helping others find their own paths to success through healthy activity and long-term commitment.

Even before his decision to take on the IDNutrition concept and turn it into a viable business model, Logan Stout’s common sense business strategy yielded a formidable portfolio. However, his leadership skills and pure business acumen know when to win by taking action and collaborating with other industry experts. IDLife owes its existence to just such perfect timing between Logan and a “celebrity” doctor with a penchant for vitamins.

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Interestingly enough, where most CEOs or company presidents successfully operate their business ventures by the seat of their pants, Mr. Stout adopts the exact opposite approach and sticks to the script. Five days a week, he is the first one out of bed focusing on business, then family, and then business again. Not to mention, he throws a workout routine in the mix, all before waking up the kids for breakfast and school. With his household off to a good start and clear business goals in mind, he does the boss leadership thing at the office until the time to round up the children from school comes along. He is old school and proud of it.

If Logan Stout makes the wealthy businessman and happy family man thing look easy, it is only because he rallies dependable people that he can trust around ideas in which he believes. From there, extracting action and plans from thin air is just a matter of brainstorming while remaining constructive and productive. His secret to making the process of group think work is to pour focused effort into finding a better way to do what is already being done.

If there is anyone in the world thinking of following in Logan Stout’s footsteps, which he does not mind at all, they should know one thing first. The method to his madness requires a daily intake of fresh information, as they say food for thought. Thoughts make action, which lead to habits and ultimately yield results.

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Success Academy has grown into the largest network for charter schools within New York City. The school has produced students that continue to surpass the success rate with the state exams. This growth is a prime indicator of how Success Academy builds upon the education results the network has committed to achieving since being founded in 2006.


The high achieving test scores reached 94 percent for the math and 82 percent in English within 2016. The progression has shown a great improvement and growth of the students from 2015 in which the scores were 93 percent in math and 68 percent in the English exam. Students have excellently transitioned into the learning process as evidenced by the test scores, and the enthusiasm, smiles and excitement seen throughout the halls.


In comparison to the public schools of New York City, the students of Success Academy far exceeded those students in math; with only 38 percent public school students meeting the standards. The results are a testament to the curriculum chosen by the charter network, which set a new standard for learning.


Teachers provide the same curriculum as required by the state; however, they go far beyond those standards by reaching students at an individual learning level. Teachers commit to additional time with each student, beyond the 80 minute instructor-led teaching, to connect on a performance level that helps students further reach their potential.


From the initial enrollment within Success Academy, students begin to understand the commitment by the teachers for going the distance in helping them achieve greatness in life. Teachers are unified with a certainty and confidence with building a student’s foundation. Among the teachers and school administrators, there is a collaboration that at the core is a student’s academic ability, emotional well-being and social welfare, in order for students to achieve their best.


When Success Academy students receive their education in an environment that allows them to not only reach their highest learning potential, but also provide an abundance of dedication, commitment and passion for the student’s self-belief, it’s more than a success- it’s a victory.

Even though the Eva Moskowitz headed charter network Success Academy is known throughout the charter school industry as one of the best in the country, what some may not know is that it is not just students that are educated at Success Academy.


In fact, teachers are educated there as well.


That is because Eva Moskowitz and other executives at Success Academy decided, if they wanted their students to get the best education in the city, they also needed to be sure their teachers were the best as well.


So Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy came up with the idea of the Teacher Residency Program. A program that accepts either new teachers or people with an interesting background who want to be teachers, and then puts them through a two-year course to teach them how to teach the Success Academy way.


While in the Success Academy Teacher Residency Program, teachers are taught good classroom management skills. They are taught how to be an effective teacher in the classroom, how to teach in a way that students will both enjoy and learn from, and how to emulate Success Academy values.


Teachers in the program are also able to teach in classrooms while being guided by lead teachers and education experts, and are able to watch other teachers in their classrooms so they can learn how a typical Success Academy teacher instructs his or her class.


Of course, while many people want to be teachers, Eva Moskowitz also knew that financially that was not always possible. So she made sure the Success Academy program was a paid position, so nobody on it would have to worry about paying the bills.


Eva Moskowitz also made sure that, once the teacher had completed the course, there were then opportunities for them to teach full-time in one of Success Academy’s 41 charter schools.


Same Day Service Sets Clearabee Apart From The Competition

When it comes to rubbish clearance, one of the key factors in choosing a removal company is the need for rapid service. The last thing anyone wants is to have rubbish lingering around, creating an eyesore and possibly creating air pollution concerns. Clearabee pledges same day service, eliminating the stress of that concern for the company’s London clients.

When it comes to rubbish clearance in London, one company is taking the charge, delivering timely, economical, and courteous service. Clearabee is quickly becoming the preferred rubbish clearance company in London, largely because of the company’s dedication to quality customer service.


Additionally, Clearabee clients won’t have to worry about third parties handling their rubbish clearance needs. Unlike other companies, Clearabee doesn’t subcontract to others, which means customers can expect company employees to handle the job with company equipment.

The size of the job won’t determine the client’s quality of service either. The company website promises speedy and quality service for any size job.

While some might question Clearabee’s boast that they can always provide same day service, the company explains that they keep their trucks on the road, day and night. This ensures they can meet the demands of their clients within hours of receiving a request for service. That pledge goes for Saturdays and evenings, as well.

Covering concerns from past clients, the Clearabee website also promises that customers won’t need to lift a finger. As long as the client can lead the rubbish clearance professionals to their waste, Clearabee employees will do the rest!

Dr. Imran Haque practices Internal Medicine from his offices in Asheboro and Ramseur. He earned his degree in the field from the University of Virginia where he had an enrollment into the Roanoke Salem program. He is a licensed practitioner in North Carolina where he provides services to residents of Asheboro, Ramseur, and adjacent regions. Some of his services include physical examinations, management of diabetes, Venus body contour services, hair removal by laser, weight management programs, and 360 resurfacing. As a result of his expertise in internal medicine, Dr. Imran offers more than the listed services. He runs parallel diagnostic tests such as ultrasounds and lab exams during sessions to detect any body ailments. In the case of a complicated illness, Imran refers the patient to expert physicians. Otherwise, he treats the patient from his office. Numerous patients have enlisted Dr. Haque as their primary doctor due to his impressionable skills and personalized care.


Through Dr. Imran’s services at Horizon Internal Medicine, numerous patients have received satisfactory results from sessions. Sharon E. commented on the practice’s public Facebook profile about her reviews of the services rendered and revealed that the staff is as highly skilled as Imran Haque. She added to say that she appreciated his care and detailed reports that answered all her queries regarding weight management. During a weight management appointment session, Dr. Imran Haque exhausts all the possible solutions open to each client and customizes the best way forward. He takes the patient’s vitals, medical report, and family medical history before settling on the most suitable program. Afterward, Imran respectfully and carefully converses with the patient about the possible medical, lifestyle and non-invasive treatments available. Linda D. is another satisfied client who attributes her current health and happiness to Dr. Imran Haque.


Dr. Imran has previously worked with Kindred Hospital located in Asheboro and Randolph hospital. He has almost two decades of experience in internal medicine and has earned a name as one of the best practitioners in the region. His practice Horizon Internal Medicine allows submission of more than 22 different insurances. In 2013, Imran received recognition in Stage 1 EHR and continued to garner positive reviews from his patients.

Kevin Seawright is a leader in the financial and administrative fields. He has built a reputation around his abilities in achieving business goals and his strategic vision. He has used his 13 years of experience in finances to help communities on the East Coast. He possesses a combination of efficiency, business acumen, and knowledge regarding government and private finances.

Mr. Seawright is the Vice President of the Newark Economic Development Corporation. In the course of his career he has reworked business strategies to build accounting and financing divisions that are highly responsive. He uses technology, organization, and economic goals to transform the planning of revenue for general contractors throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Kevin Seawright has improved recruiting efforts, staff retention, adjustments to compensation, collective bargaining, management, and negotiations. He has served as a Payroll Director, Budget Manager, Chief of Financial & Construction Projects, Managing Fiscal Officer, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Finance Director, and Executive Director of Operations. He has a reputation as a leader in business with the ability to establish a positive relationship with his staff, clients, and constituents. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Mr. Seawright evaluates situations with honesty and maturity and sees challenges as opportunities. He has knowledge concerning state, local, federal, and general funding and creates, manages, and assumes the leadership of aggressive and productive teams. His relationships with state, city and neighborhood association remains positive. He uses accountability and statistics to show progress.

In 2010 Kevin Seawright received the Bridges to the Future award from Met Life for finance and operational professionals. He has been honored with several awards for financial responsiveness, outstanding service, and thinking outside the box. He has been highly successful during rough economic periods of time.

Mr. Seawright attends the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business and already possesses an MBA. He has been on the board for the Babe Ruth Museum and coached local teams for youth sports. He has been a member of the National Association of Black Accountants, the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, and the American Society for Public Administration. He is available on social media such as Twitter, Tumbler, and LinkedIn.

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