How Fortress Investment Group has grown to be acquired at $3 Billion

Fortress Investment Group(FIG) is a leading investment management company. You cannot traverse the investment world and avoid it. It a company founded in the late 90s with focus into the private equity, liquid market, credit funds and traditional asset management. With an employee count of about 1000, Fortress Investment Group serves a client base of over 1700. Their clients range from institutions and private individual investors across the globe.To stand out in investment management, Fortress Investment Group has partners. The partners are Peter Briger, Wesley Edens, and Randal Nardone. They form senior management and qualify their positions with over 20 years in the finance industry. For instance, Mr. Biger the current Co-executive served 15 years at Goldman Sachs and rose through the ranks to partner.

Mr. Edens the other co-executive served as partner and director at BlackRock Financial Management. The other partner Mr. Nardone, a principal served as director of UBS. This experience from the past managerial positions then assures clients to trust and hire the services of Fortress Investment.According to Fortress Investment Group, the firm is proud to be associated with the first milestone of launching the Fortress Investment Fund I in 1999 up to the current milestone of $44 billion assets under management. All these achievements that span 20 years are attributed to core competencies. Fortress Investment group is in a favorable position as they are asset-based, know their industries, know the process of mergers, know the capital markets and have refined operations management.

The ideal of Fortress Investment Group is striving to generate risk-adjusted returns for their clients over the long-term – They call it ‘Investment performance our cornerstone.’ Peter Biger, the head of credit shares that the services that they offer are made skeptical. This attitude is majorly directed to the credit market. Wes Edens, the head of private equity also shares that they put an effort in exceptional companies including established ones in sectors that are rewarding in investment.Being successful just like Fortress you attract interest from so many parties. Softbank, a Tokyo company, was excited by the successes of Fortress. Softbank then acquired Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. Softbank is a conglomerate. The subsidiaries wholly own the shares of Fortress. Businesswire reported that all Fortress Class A shares were converted to value at about $8. Fortress will perform under Softbank independently in New York, and the partners will still be in charge to guarantee clients of continuity – in model, culture, and branding.

Logan Stout is a highly successful business person who also has a passion for helping others. His activities range from providing personal motivation and business advice to promoting optimum health. Mr. Stout would contend that achieving ultimate health and succeeding in and enjoying life to the fullest starts with some fundamental basics – like believing in yourself and then, daily, making the mental and physical effort to chase your dreams. Logan is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking. A favorite quote of his is: “Thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits, habits lead to results.”

Mr. Stout not only “talks the talk” when it comes to training oneself to pursue the best for self and others, he “walks the walk.” Building on his studies in psychology and business at the University of Dallas, Stout has embarked on a career that involves teaching others to train and focus their minds for success. He wrote the influential book, published in 2013: “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams.”

Logan Stout brings some of his knowledge about personal motivation and team building from his experience in the competitive professional sports arena. Logan is a sixteen time World Series player and coach. He has taken his love of baseball and its lessons for life to America’s youth, forming the Dallas Patriots Organization in January, 2000. The Dallas Patriots espouse a team atmosphere of champions who have won numerous league, state and regional titles. Many of the players have gone on to play college baseball and have been drafted to play professional baseball.

Contributing to the health of the mind, body and spirit of those he works with is a life goal for Logan Stout. It should come as no surprise, then, that he has formed a new business venture dedicated to providing individualized nutritional assistance. Stout founded IDLife LLC in September 2003. The company provides a unique vitamin and supplement formula through network marketing. Then, of course, Mr. Stout’s leadership and self-improvement coaching skills “kick-in,” inspiring those who join IDLife to maximize their personal potential for the health and benefit of the clients they serve.

Logan Stout’s conviction is that each person can strive to achieve their full God-given potential. A family man, Mr. Stout affirms that much of his energy each day is expended on behalf of his wonderful wife, Haley, and his two awesome sons.

There appears to be a real change going on in the medical world and Chicago’s data-driven entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky appears to be playing a role. Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, a technology company that is seeking to change how patients and healthcare professionals alike approach the world of cancer care. Tempus made headlines in 2015 when the company was first created and since then Tempus has been on a rocketing trajectory that has culminated in its Unicorn status. Now valued at over $1 billion, Tempus is the rare Chicago-based start-up that has succeeded in scoring a Unicorn classification. Tempus was in the news yet again after another round of successful investing and there appears to be some serious momentum on the company’s side.

Eric Lefkofsky and his team of nearly 400 employees have tapped into an important facet of the healthcare world: big data. Data is the key to so many important aspects of our lives and it only makes sense that someone would come along and try to use it in such an important field like that of medicine. Tempus is seeking to be the big data provider for healthcare specialists in relation to curating, collecting, and making data relating to cancer care all the more accessible. By digitizing notes, compiling ongoing cancer treatment information, and putting it into a database, Tempus is creating a system that can fundamentally change lives. Tempus also works to collect molecular data, as well.

Lefkofsky says of his work at Tempus, “I think the traction we have had with everybody in the industry has been kind of amazing.” Information is the key to most problems and Tempus seems tapped in and willing to provide it for the world of cancer care. This field is obviously one that is important to many people, not the least of which Lefkofsky himself, and Tempus is succeeding in Chicago with their renewed attention. Tempus recently secured an additional $80 million in funding from T. Rowe Price Associates, Kinship Trust Co, New Enterprise Associate sand finally Revolution Growth. Tempus is additionally adding 30 new employees per month to their roster with more projected growth in the coming year.Eric youtube channel

The journey of an entrepreneur is quite tough at times. Without any prior knowledge of how to go about it, some guidance comes in handy. When it comes to guidance, the likes of Mike Baur have decided to share some tips that come in handy to upcoming entrepreneurs.

 Background Data

It takes a successful entrepreneur to offer viable guidance when it comes to business startups. As for Mike Baur, his success as an entrepreneur is reflected by the success of the Swiss startup factory. Mike Baur is the co-founder of the Swiss startup factory. Moreover, he also serves as a board member in the company.

For starters, whenever you see a successful project, it all started as an idea that later come to life. Although an idea might exist, it is up to the innovator to see the idea through and make sure it succeeds as per the various projections. All in all, Mike Baur is here to offer advice on how to ensure that your business startup becomes a total success.

Insights offered by Mike Baur on how to ensure your business startup flourishes

Mike Baur starts by saying that the idea comes to you depending on your environment. The environment you live in determines the necessity that you may notice around. A suitable example is a scenario whereby you may notice that your place of residence lacks something. In such a case, an idea dawns on you that something needs to happen. As an entrepreneur, you should make sure that you have utilized the necessity and bridged the demand and supply gap.

Among the characteristics of an entrepreneur is that they never back down when it comes to implementing an idea. Furthermore, the new era that is full of technology has made it easy to reach out to people. The internet has made it easy to connect, and you may be able to reach out through platforms such as Facebook with the sole aim of marketing your products. Some few years back, such technology didn’t exist, but since it does exist in the present, it is good to take advantage of the evolving ear of technology.

Mike Baur’s Tips on the Qualities that come in handy as in the case of startups

The tips are as follows; you should never back down due to failure, trust is paramount, ignoring negative energy is compulsory, work hard and adhere to the highlighted tips. It is also good to share ideas with friends since they will help you to notice the various things you’ll add onto the idea as well as the ideas that you’ll have to eliminate regarding your startup.


While engaging in a startup, failure is a part of the process. In case you experience failure, you should analyze the cause of the failure and work on it tirelessly. As an entrepreneur, by heeding to the tips offered by Mike Baur, you are guaranteed to succeed eventually. Mike Baur has adhered to the various tips he has provided, and he is a living testimony that the tips do come in handy.


Shervin Pishevar is a man who has an amazing rags to riches life story. He is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and investor who has seeded at least 60 companies. He is well-known for co-founding Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital. His awards and recognitions include receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and being appointed to the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

It was surprising to see the tweet storm he created in early February 2018 since he hadn’t posted for over two months. The last time he tweeted was in December 2017 when he announced he would be resigning from Sherpa Capital. The majority of the tweets he sent out, which totaled 50, focused on why he felt that the economic situation was going to continue to get worse.

In one of his tweets, Shervin Pishevar said that both financial and government institutions are facing a reckoning of irrelevance in what is a once in 1,000 year shift. He feels that what used to be the American dream is now global. It has gone viral. Immigrants no longer need to come into the United States to have their talent valued. He actually cited one example which had to do with a train station being built in China in just under nine hours. He said that Silicon Valley is not a physical place anymore but is an idea that is borderless.

Shervin Pishevar feels that the infrastructure of the United States is decaying, mentioning that governmental institutions and US businesses are trapped in short-term thinking. He only has hope for a couple of moonshots, like SpaceX.

Shervin Pishevar specifically mentions that the United States is going to lose support from other countries, like China, when it comes to infrastructure. When looking at the tension between the US and China, his predictions may not be far from the truth. In addition to the vast experience Shervin Pishevar has in finance and economics as an entrepreneur and investor, he has made predictions that have come true in the past. In the late 2000’s, he predicted that Facebook would go through a crisis, and it did.

Properly gauging demographics can be beneficial for banks. This was proven by the successful New Senior Living IPO of the Fortress Investment Group. How did Randal Nardone show his brilliance during this IPO?

The Greatest Generation

No one can really argue with the appellation, the “Greatest Generation” for the senior citizens. They were able to wage war on every continent. They established the American Century and did not look back.Now, the average age of the United States population is increasing. The young couples are not having as many children and the senior citizens are living longer. Senior citizens hope to pass their wisdom down to their grandchildren. In the old days, the children took care of their parents. The parents had taken care of their children previously, so it only made sense. This was when the American family was intact and strong. Nowadays, more women are working full-time, so they cannot take care of their elderly parents 24/7/365. Instead, they have hired full-time nurses. Senior care has become commercialized.Fortress co-founder Randal Nardone had realized the importance of these demographic changes – senior assisted living homes were becoming popular and valuable. By getting in on the ground floor, Randal Nardone was able to purchase cheap assets and roll them out in a lucrative IPO. Taking care of the “greatest generation could be very profitable.”

The Wealthiest Generation

And, shouldn’t the greatest generation also be the wealthiest generation? Since America has been able to project its power around the globe, it has also been able to cash in. The United States dollar is the global currency of exchange.When the senior citizens were growing up, things were cheap. They will tell you all about it. The man worked and his wife was happy, before feminism. The family had a large house, big car and little debt.

Randal Nardone Foresight

Now, in America the wealthiest generation is the senior citizen generation. Randal Nardone has understood this important fact. His New Senior Living IPO took advantage of this fact to make the Fortress Investment Group a lot of money.Serving the wealthy is the easiest way to earn a living. They pay higher wages and are more likely to pay their bills, on time. Randal Nardone and the Fortress Investment Group have profited by supporting the new way for senior citizens to live out their Golden Years. Learn More.

The Fagali’I airport maintains a customer service staff of integrity. Just by having a friendly conversation with a member, you can feel a sense of trust running through your body as if the entire world is on your side. The customer service staff is helpful, polite, honest, reliable and delightful. Customers come first, because without customers there isn’t a business.

Tough training programs are set out for employees of the airport. Every customer service trainee do not get through training successfully. Only the best of the best are chosen to represent the Fagali’I airport according to Only the best customer service minds are promoted to train and test trainees. These professionals ensures that trainees have studied given manuals, are able to remember important facts needed throughout customer service experiences, can exhibit the appropriate mannerism and can deliver. As customers are the business’ priority, making customers feel welcomed and getting them squared away is monumental.


The Fagali’I airport has to represent the culture of Samoan and present a prima facie representation of it. as Apia is a city commonly visited by vacationers all throughout the year. As the Fagali’I airport is a vacationer’s first taste of the Samoan community, the airport has to shed light on the Samoan people for a look into their incredible characters. There is no people like the Samoan people and when you’ve had a taste, you’ll know why.

About the Fagali’I Airport
The Fagali’I airport is a small airport located just a hop and a skip from Apia. On the inside, it entails a currency exchange, customs, a convenience market, a waiting area and an information desk. There are only two airlines flying out of the airport: Talofa Airways and Samoa Airways. You can get a taxi with no hassle, from the airport to your hotel. There are many, many hotels within a 5 miles radius, highly reviewed with prices that start at $48 per night.

About Apia
The capital of Samoa. It is home to the late great explorer and author, Robert Louis Stevenson according to Has a population of over 36,500 people with temperatures averaging 85 degrees all year long. Famous for beautiful beaches, historic volcanoes, museums, jungles and fresh Samoan foods. The official currency of this city is Samoan Tala.


There are different forms and levels of stress that seem to take over our lives at time. It is a part of the human condition and can easily be described as growing pains of the mind. However in the case of stress, there is no outgrowing it. But, that does not mean that any and all stress should be avoided no matter what the coasts. In fact, finding ways to wind down and cope with the situations that seem to cause stress can actually be away to over come them all together.

Using tools such as Talkspace and connecting with others is a good place to start. Extended periods of time spent under unwarranted stress can take its toll on personal and professional productivity. And since nearly three quarters of the United States population admits to living under these conditions, the phenomenon can be described as an epidemic. For stress factors that are not presenting too much of a distraction to everyday activities, there are simple things to do such as dimming the light and sound levels of an environment.

Some people actually use media to relax depending on the kind if a calm they seek. If it is to find peace and tranquility, music is recommended, while laughter is good to break up stress brought on by monotony. Other individuals stick with the inviting company of familiar friends and family to make their troubles go away. Steady before-bed rituals are always a good idea for not letting worries keep you up all night. Of course, there are always the classic methods of stress relief like taking in nature or enjoying a small drink that work in a pinch.

However, when these activities are not enough to find relief, some form of talk therapy or counseling just might be a good alternative. Many people have found their outlet through online therapy as a form of counseling. Studies find that it is just as effective as face-to-face methods of reaching out to a professional. It has the advantage of being multifaceted in its approach and allows for the exchange of information more efficiently, in some cases.

Sahm Adrangi is no stranger to fighting companies that look to be performing shady business practices and in the past, he has gone against some of the biggest biotech companies in the game. Proteostasis, a biotech company, has recently made claims to have found a breakthrough treatment for patients suffering from the debilitating disease, cystic fibrosis. This new drug, which is said to improve lung performance in patients, is called CFTR amplifier PTI-428. Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm Adrangi’s company, issued a negative report on Proteostasis that claims their breakthrough treatment is nothing more than a drug cocktail.

Analysts are Kerrisdale have investigated the biotech companies claims and have found it to be highly suspicious. According to Proteostasis, their study only consisted of four patients, which is hardly enough to be considered an accurate experiment, nevermind a breakthrough for a complicated disease. Looking at the results published by Proteostasis, the placebo group turned out to have negative side effects, with an actual decrease in lung performance, opposite of the control group. When peering through Proteostasis’s data, it is not nearly complete and doesn’t offer much in terms of their results.

Sahm Adrangi has also noted that Proteostasis’s stock value is majority invested in their product, and they recently had to pull nine million dollars from their shares to continue funding their work. Since Kerrisdale report became public, Proteostasis’s stock value dropped tens of millions almost overnight. Kerrisdale also stands to profit in the face of this biotech companies demise, sitting tightly in the short position. Any investor should be able to see the red signs associated with Proteostasis with a little digging, but Sahm Adrangi has warned investors to stay away regardless. Under attack from Sahm Adrangi, Proteostasis is not looking so good. Sahm has a strong reputation in the business world and as an investor, meaning his advice is quickly mimicked within the investor community.

Upon climbing the Bothell Hill at the business park of Cascade, while walking into the central office of Seattle Genetics, there is a cluster of beige commercial buildings that barely scream their presence. However, the lobby has a different triangular sculpture. This sculpture might accord Seattle Genetics a big win given its physical appearance.

Background Data

For Seattle Genetics, human antibodies dictate the entire operation of the company. Since 1988, Seattle Genetics has majorly controlled a significant share market for developing conjugate antibody-drug conjugates. To achieve this, Seattle Genetics has built a strong business culture surrounding the values of scientific excellence, team leadership, project management, mutual respect, and integrity. Besides, the company has tremendously achieved an entrepreneurial spirit made to create breakthroughs and useful therapies for the treatment of cancer. For that reason and more, Seattle Genetics is considered a leader in the technology of antibody-drug conjugate.


Over and above, Seattle Genetics has used its research in internal medicine and technology to come up with one of the leading drug-conjugates called ADCETRIS. This drug has the potential to become the sole foundation of suppressing lymphomas. Also good at executing a broad spectrum of global development for earlier indications of cancer, Seattle Genetics has crafted the art of ensuring that ADCETRIS is being evaluated for its treatment capabilities.

More on Seattle Genetics

In the words of the cheer leader of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall, the company is on a mission to become one of the leading companies in emerging global, oncology companies. He also insists that through the pipeline of drugs, the management is set to beat other emerging biotech firms. Well, for Siegall, it is more of a fight to push Seattle Genetics into becoming a biotech firm that will typically focus on the significant drug development projects with the primary focus being handling complexities throughout the international markets.

Describing Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a significant pacesetter in the world of technology and the development of antibody drug conjugates. He is the founder as well as the chief executive officer of the famous Seattle Genetics. So far, he has helped the company to form entrepreneurial partnerships made to strengthen Seattle Genetics by making sure that the organization allows patients to receive the right treatment and therapy for cancer.

The Overview

Conclusively, Clay Siegall is a graduate of the George Washington University. He studied Zoology. Additionally, he attended the Maryland University.