Ordinarily most investor will shy away from investing in medicine unless of course they are in the field but with exemptions. Paul Mampilly, one of the great people in medicine announced that he has identified a company that should be of interest in the world because it is offering Precision Medicine Revolution. The fact that it is in health care sector makes it a thriller as it is prospected to bring a medical shift in administration of drugs and innovation of medical equipment and tools.

Disease management according to Paul Mampily should take a more in check approach that will bring efficiency. The fact that this Mid-Western Company will generate personalized medicine subject to the genetic structure of the patient make the venture really cool. This ideally means that, there will be no general treatment of diseases but rather will be focused on each client.

Paul Mampilly notes that this biotech company was founded in 1990 at only 25 years of age. Over the years, the founder has gain experience and is currently pursuing top minds in science who will help achieve the revolution. Myriad Genetics will employ, DNA sequencing a s a diagnostic tool which will help point out at a desirable or effective drug therapy for the case at hand.

The primary goal is to manage the ovarian, prostate, uterine, rheumatoid and reproductive system cancers. With the Paul Mampilly teaser the company has grown from US$ 1.5 billion in worth to US$ 2.2 billion. The Risk Score algorithm has helped assess hereditary cancers and the associated risks

About Paul Mampilly

Mampilly is an American investor and entrepreneur who is of the Indian descent. Closely linked to this, he is a financial advisor and managed the Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum which are securities trading firm. He has helped many American- low and middle income earners create wealth, take advantage of small capitalization stocks and technology to improve their living standards. Paul Mampilly has affiliation with many financial institutions including Deutsche Asset Management, Kinetics Asset Management, Royal Bank of Scotland and The Capuchin Group just to mention but a few.

He is the founder of Profits Unlimited which is a financial guide in investing in stocks. Mr. Mampilly is also the Senior Editor attached to Banyan Hill Publishing. He is an elite with an MBA attained at the Fordham University, New York.

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