Several years ago, Paul Mampilly was the hedge fund manager everyone in Wall Street wanted to hire so that their company can start to perform well. With time, however, the businessman changed his career, and he is now one of the renowned investment analysts who is helping Americans who are cautious about the investment decisions they are making. The past years have been exciting for the finance executive who has an MBA from a leading university. His working career story started when he chose to study finance, a course that was becoming very marketable in the society. Although many feared the numbers involved and the complexity of the course, Paul Mampilly took the bull by the horns.

His graduation brought a new start for his life too. The businessman was invited for various interviews, but he chose to work for a company that was called Bankers Trust. Bankers Trust is the company that helped to make Paul successful in the corporate business world. The executive secured top positions in the organizations, and he also got working opportunities in multi-billion companies in the US. The Kinetic Asset Management was one of the funds that can tell about the success they acquired when they hired the services of Paul Mampilly. The institution was branded to be the best in the investment world because of the expertise services that were being provided by Mampilly.

When people are doing so well in their careers, they tend to relax and enjoy the things that are happening around them. Paul Mampilly, however, did not allow this success to hinder him from going for better and bigger things. A finance expert left this exciting life so that he could help more people. The elite class in the community already had wealth at their disposal. Most of the Americans, however, did not know where and when to start investing, and this meant that they were poor. Paul chose this group of people to work with, and the rest has been history. His first step was starting a newsletter that would reach as many people as possible. His investment newsletter is published by Banyan Hill, and it has so many subscribers. His primary goal when writing in this platform is to make a change in the lives of many investors.

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