There is more to being a truly successful investor than just knowing how the stock market is performing. Paul Mampilly of the leading contributors to Banyan Hill Publishing Company has greater than 20 years worth of experience in the investment world. As a comes close to the end of the year Paul Mampilly recommends that we take a step back and looked at how things are going so that we can have some predictive power over the next year. It is easier to make wise decisions whenever you understand what the big picture is. Paul Mampilly has lived in the United States of America since he was 18 years old and has over 20 years of his investing experience in Wall Street.

Today he primarily rights his investment advice news columns for individuals who want to know how to invest wisely. Paul Mampilly has made a couple of predictions about what the coming year entails. He believes that in the coming year more businesses will be able to capitalize on the use of big data. While big data has been making news headlines for a while only the largest companies have been able to capitalize on this technology so far. According to Paul Mampilly in the coming year the rise in the value of homes will slow. Over the last 10 years, homes have been appreciating at between five and 7% which has helped consumer confidence tremendously.

Over the next year, it is anticipated that this will drop to around 1.5% and will remain around there for quite a while. This will likely have large ramifications on consumer confidence and business overall in the United States of America. Paul Mampilly says, the impact that small startups have had over the last several years will begin to capitalize on as businesses adapt to modern consumers. The success that the smaller startups have had have shown that personalized his marketing techniques can be quite successful. Companies will need to find ways to provide unique user experiences in order to get customers interested and keep them interested. This will mean a large shift in the way that many businesses handle marketing.

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