Haley Thompson recently published an article on the Chronicle of Week website titled “Paul Mampilly Makes a Career Change to Help Everyday Investors”. In the article, Thompson reveals the latest success of Paul Mampilly.

Mampilly previously worked as a hedge fund manager for some of the largest companies on the market like ING, Kinetics International, and Deutsche Bank. He worked on Wall Street for nearly two decades, gaining accolades like one of the “World’s Best” according to Barron’s magazine. He also won an investing competition where he gained a 76% increase in profit from a $50 million investment portfolio. He grew the portfolio to $88 million in a short time during the financial crisis, without shorting any stocks, revealing his talent and skill in the financial world.

However, Paul Mampilly recognized the toll the job had on his family and he retired from Wall Street at the age of 42. He was quickly plucked out of retirement by Banyan Hill Publishing, an independent research firm and publishing company that focuses on investment newsletters. Mampilly created a newsletter called “Profits Unlimited” where he helps everyday Americans gain insight on the latest trends and markets. He updates the newsletter each week, tracking the investments with a sample portfolio to demonstrate to his readers how much they can be earning. Mampilly reveals that those who invest based on his advice are often earning a profit. The average stocks that he selects can make as much as a 165% increase while those that are down have only gone down 2.5%.

Mampilly reveals that there is always a risk when investing, but people can decrease their level of risk by investing for the long term. The stock market can often be volatile on a day to day basis, but typically it increases over time.

Mampilly was also featured on the Premier Gazette article titled “Broadening the Tree of Wealth with Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing”. The article, written by Stephen Ray, reveals the different levels of the newsletter. Profits Unlimited has more than 90,000 readers which are centered on providing low-risk investments that still have the potential to grow continually.

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