Perry Mandera is an award-winning entrepreneur and businessman who managed to develop a technological system on how to deliver freight and cargoes on time and end up in its destination without failure. He has been regarded as one of the greatest innovators of his time, and he is very grateful for all of the awards that given to him. Perry Mandera currently manages his trucking company, which specializes in freight and cargo transport, called the Customs Co. Inc. The company’s headquarters is in Illinois, where most of the businesses are using the freight and cargo transport to deliver their goods and services all across the United States.


Perry Mandera developed a fascination with vehicles and transport when he was still young. He would often sneak out to his father’s vehicle just to see how it works, and how it can be driven. His fascination with vehicles and transportation allowed him to be a member of the United States Military, and he chose the role to drive trucks (BlogWebPedia). His truck driving skills were praised, and his skills started to develop. After graduating from his services with the United States Military, Perry Mandera decided to start a company in 1980, but the company failed at an early stage. It left Perry Mandera with questions about his capability to manage a business. His family and friends encouraged him through these tough times, and he decided that he will try again and see where the business would be (


In 1986, he opened up the Customs Co. Inc., and through his efforts, the company grew and became a recognizable company in the field of freight and cargo transport. Small startups and big corporations became his client, and he thanked them for their continued support. The company is now making more than $200 million per year, and it continues to grow annually. Perry Mandera is also rallying behind the bills created by the Congress that would be advantageous to the freight and cargo transport industry, and he is one of the few voices of the industry who makes and leaves an impact. Perry Mandera continues to become a role model for the people who make a living by transporting freight and cargoes.



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