People living in New Brunswick, New Jersey are eager for a state of the art apartment complex to fill the void for upscale housing in the area. The Quincy was established in the location to answer that call with rooftop pools, garage parking, fitness centers, club rooms, and much more. In addition, the new state of the art apartment complex is in a location that is near to the Amtrak station, New Jersey Transit, and the downtown New Brunswick area. Perfect location for the busy working adults, singles, or a young family.

The Quincy New Brunswick
The apartment complex is close to a number of prime locations. This is great news for the residents that are living in the building. The apartment complex is associated with the Alliance Residential Company that has invested millions of dollars in real estate across the country. The apartment complex is also a prime location for several crimes that have taken place recently. This is information that one should seriously take note of before moving into the area.

Quincy Crime Spree
A New Brunswick resident was charged with shooting a Pizza man. A pizza man arrived at one of the Quincy buildings with a pizza to deliver on May 4, 2013. He was told by a resident that no one ordered a pizza. The pizza deliveryman returned to his vehicle and was suddenly approached by 3 men that claimed the pizza was ordered by them. The deliveryman returned to the truck to get the pizza. The men followed him and held a gun to his head demanding his wallet, money, and pizza before running away. Detectives worked fast to track the suspects through cellphone records to the location and the suspects were apprehended. Several other crimes have been reported at the Quincy too. One was a shooting at the New Brunswick apartments on Oct 7, 2015. Several gun shots were heard. Later on, an individual walked into Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a gunshot wound believed connected with the gun shots heard at the Quincy apartments. The fact is that a number of crimes have occurred at the Quincy. The police are keeping close watch.


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