Greatness can come in various shapes and forms. The Academy of Art University is definitely great at what it does on an annual basis. This particular school specializes in developing individuals for careers in the arts. It also specializes in developing individuals in the fields of communication and design. You won’t find a more thorough and profound institute that can outperform this school when it come to these subjects. The Academy of Art University has been in existence for nearly 90 years and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down in the future.

Fashion design is big business in our modern day society. This is one of the most fascinating and exciting industries on earth. The Academy of Art University has a firm understanding of fashion design, and it has produced plenty of talented people. At the 2017 New York fashion Week, this California-based school displayed its stuff to the whole world via its former graduates. Academy of Art University was represented by 10 of its BFA and MFA graduates. Each one of these individuals have dedicated themselves by arranging a spectacular showcase of multiple fashion collections. This includes menswear and womenswear fashion lines. The amount of hard work that goes into each piece of clothing can’t be put in words, but the 15 minutes of showcasing makes it all worthwhile. Skylight Clarkson Center in New York City was flooded with spectators for this event, and some of the spectators were celebrities. “America’s Next Top Model’s” Ms. J. Alexander was spotted in the crowd.

Of course, the event was a huge success and the Academy of Art University completed what it had set out to do. The school now offers online classes as well as offer portfolio development programs. All in all, the Academy of Art University is raising the bar by changing the status quo.

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