There are a significant number of financial organizations selling their products in the industry with each entity focused on attracting customers to its premises. An increased number of customers means that customers have a wide range of organizations to choose from, which in turn, puts companies in a defensive situation such that they have to compete effectively. Randal Nardone incorporated the sale of customized financial services as the best method of outperforming other companies in the industry.

Competition in the financial industry has been on a knife edge for a more extended period, and only the entities with better policies would be able to remain relevant and competitive in an industry where customers are knowledgeable and experienced enough to understand a better financial product. Randal Nardone wanted to use the knowledge that customers possess to attract them to the company. This was done by informing the customers that they could make their financial product.

In a world where customers have sufficient knowledge and critical skills in determining the types of the financial products they would like to get, they were naturally attracted to the premises of the company to buy such products. Most of the customers flocked the premises of Fortress Investment Group with the intention of using their knowledge to formulate a particular investment product that is different from other financial products currently offered in the industry.

Given that Randal Nardone was able to attract a significant number of customers to Fortress Investment Group, the company was able to outperform other organizations. This was not only in the number of clients seeking investment opportunities from the organization but also in marketing its services to those individuals who do not have detailed information about the financial services and investment opportunities available for considerations.

Randal Nardone is aware that most of the customers are highly interested in getting some financial products that would not attract huge losses but also an investment opportunity that would help the investor to receive vast amounts of income. It is from this strategy that Fortress Investment Group has been able to outperform other customers in the industry while at the same time growing to become one of the leading investment companies in the industry.

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