Most people instinctively think that they are good deal makers. And this may hold true in many areas of their lives. However, buying a new car is one time that people of every walk of life find themselves at a major disadvantage. This is because most people, no matter how successful, just don’t buy that many new cars very often. The car dealer, on the other hand, negotiates the sale of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles each year. One of the major ways that a car dealer makes money is by arranging the auto financing for his customers. This keeps the car dealer’s finance department busy because the vast majority of people can’t afford to pay cash for a new vehicle.


Since most people can’t afford to pay cash for their new car, they look for the easiest way to get their new car financed. This is where a car dealer steps in and offers his quick and easy auto financing solution. The car dealer is well aware of the time consuming process that his customers have to endure when they attempt to arrange a car loan for themselves through their traditional lending institutions. People simply get tired out by all of the knit-picking details that their banks want before they will give them a loan for a car. The questions from their banks are never ending. How many miles are on the vehicle? Does it have a Carfax report? Oh, and why do you want to purchase the vehicle?


With all of the obstacles that many traditional lenders place in the way of a simple car loan, it’s obvious why so many people go for the quick and easy dealer financing. A car dealer only deals with lenders that specialize in providing financing for automobiles. The advantage is that the car dealer can always get you fast financing. But, the disadvantage is that the car dealer’s financing is usually very expensive. The reason that a car dealer’s financing is expensive is that he makes money on every loan that he arranges by adding extra interest points on the loan for profit. And the car dealer’s customers pay the price for his profits each and every month when they pay their unnecessarily high monthly car payments.


If you are in this situation, don’t worry. You can easily lower your monthly car payments by calling Ignition Financial to refinance your car loan. The experts at Ignition Financial are used to hearing people asking,”How can I slash my payments.” Call Ignition financial and refinance your car loan at a much lower rate so that you can start saving money this month.




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