Austin, also popularly known as “Keep Austin Weird” is a diversified city. It is one of the state’s cities which are open-minded and welcoming to the LGBT community. For those identifying with the LGTB society, Austin stands as an excellent place to live. Currently, the increment of the state’s vulnerable population in Austin has raised a movement geared towards providing affordable and extensive care within city borders.

Health Nature in Austin

However, spirited the city is, wellness security seems to lack out of the picture. In a recent study, startling news about the LGBTQ minority group within Austin emerged. The study depicted homelessness, safety, and food security being a significant concern.

Out of 850 LGBTQ people, over half the number had at some point experienced homelessness. Among them in the same group admitted to the postponement of health care due to financial security. Though there is free medical care within the borders, certain hurdles block people from going to them.

For starters, many free clinics are religiously based. For most, this poses a significant concern, especially when disclosing their gender or sexual orientation. Most people confessed to concealing their gender and sexual identity to health care providers. Disclosure of information jeopardizes ones access to care and could result in impartial care which is of poor quality.

Another factor is the provision of primary mental health services to transgender patients. Although Austin provides a lot to the gay people, often providing medical care becomes problematic because of constrained resources.

Rick Cofer

Rick is a criminal defense attorney who serves the vulnerable people in Austin. He serves as a board member to Texas Health Action and a Kind Clinic. Cofer devotes time to improving the lives of those who live in Austin’s area, through customized service. Having come across variant criminal cases since 2008, Cofer considers empathy and clear reasoning as a key factor in delivering what the client needs. It has also been a critical factor to his success.

Cofer is also mindful of the environment. He was a crucial figure in the banning of bags and the development of the Austin Universal Recycling Ordinance. Judging from Cofer’s actions to Austin’s society, revolutionary attention and change is the way forward to improving the entire community needs.

As the LGBTQ population of Austin continues to expand, more people flock the diverse city. Offering proper care to the biased group is essential. This will guarantee continual growth of Austin.

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