Rocketship Education is a special school filled with driven special educators. On the outside, Rocketship Education looks like a regular school; however, once you learn about their beliefs and core values, you will soon see that they are different from most. Rocketship Education is so special because they have been going into communities where most people do not see greatness and making a way for children. This school is known for building schools in neighborhoods that are urban and poorer than most communities. Rocketship Education has devoted themselves to provides quality education to children in these urban communities. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit public grade school that is also a charter school.

Most of Rocketship Education’s building, if not all building are built from ground up.The school provides their children with the top of the line newest teaching technologies. Rocketship Education is on a mission to provide students with the same education that children receive who are from wealthier families. Rocketship Education also offers a variety of different teaching styles to all of their students. Students are taught through songs, online learning, in person classroom learning, and one on one teachings as well. In the end, all of these techniques have been working for Rocketship Education because the children in this school are thriving. Over the years the children have all been excelling on the standardized tests that the different states provide.

This has made Rocketship Education parents very proud of the school and of their children as well. Another part of the reason why the school is so successful is because the go beyond learning academics within the school. Rocketship Education also teaches their students about ethics and the school has put their own core values in place as well. Rocketship Education teaches their students how to live a disciplined life, how to have human skills, and how to act in public as well. Not many schools work on the morals and values of their students, but Rocketship Education does. The schools works very hard to produce excellent students and they have been doing a great job so far!

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