Rocketship Education is a nonprofit foundation that runs a chain of chartered public schools in the nation. The organization’s primary goal is to provide quality education to low-income families. It began its operations in San José in 2007 to serve the destitute in the community. In less than a decade, the foundation has launched more than 25 schools. Its unique curricula and core values are two factors which have earned the network of schools recognition and support.

Personalized Curricula

Children from impoverished families suffer from toxic stress. Such condition results in by an inability to handle provocations, solve conflicts and manage emotions. Consequently, they need to be educated on these social issues if they are to be successful in life. Rocketship Education has carefully selected social-emotional education curricula to help these students. Those in early grades learn these skills through the Kimochi’s curriculum. It focuses on personalities and temperaments.

Through these specialized curricula, Rocketeers become equipped to handle the challenges in life as well as being productive in the society. Research conducted by Stanford University’s CREDO (Centre for Research on Education Outcomes) showed that students who go through this system of education gain more than a month of quality learning compared to their counterparts in other schools.

Values of operation

Every Rocketship school has besides its creed, five core values. Four of the values; Persistence, Empathy, Respect, and Responsibility, are shared by all the schools. The fifth value is usually a selection of the teachers, leaders, and parents of each school. To establish the values in the lives of these students, each Rocketeer recites them every day in their creed. They are then encouraged to show them in their lives within the school and in their families.

Support and Goodwill

Consequently, even though some critics have attacked chartered public schools, Rocketship Education schools have always enjoyed overwhelming support from parents and the community. The backing is due to the network’s insistence on active parental participation in the schools’ operations. Other prominent people who have expressed good will towards the foundation’s education programs include Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix.


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