Ryan Seacrest is the host of a nationally broadcasted television show, radio show host, and producer of other television programs while still managing his own skin care and clothing lines. He’s quite busy. Ryan Seacrest manages this hefty schedule by waking up early, minimizing his preparation routine, and consuming nutritious drinks to keep him fit and alert. Mr. Seacrest also follows a fitness routine both during and outside of his business hours. His routine includes boxing, general gym exercise, and riding stationary bikes for cardio.

Ryan Seacrest also takes measures to keep his personal life intact while dealing with such a demanding schedule. He does not accept business calls until the second half of the day. This allows him to begin his day right by consuming daily news a little television before work. That’s besides his workout regimen of course. He used to believe that all business-related calls had to be dealt with immediately. He now realizes that he can queue his calls and deal with them one at a time without stressing out over them. He learned this through disciplining himself.

Ryan Seacrest also has a passion for food. He’s mostly vegan but loves quality food and wine. When asked why he works so hard he states that it’s just, so he can eat well and drink wine, so he can enjoy life. He keeps his phone down as much as possible to help keep him from becoming distracted. He suffers from attention deficit disorder but finds that cutting out his mobile device helps keep him focused.

In a post from Business of Fashion, it says that Ryan was also affected by the words of a long-time idol of his. He watched Dick Clark as a child and also had the opportunity to work with him before Dick’s death. Ryan Seacrest states that Dick Clark told him if he’s a host on TV and makes people think that it looks easy, then he’s doing the job well. Ryan Seacrest and his career were both affected by Dick Clark’s words.

Among his current work, Ryan Seacrest was a host for American Idol for several years, he has a clothing and accessory line called “Ryan Seacrest Distinction”, he is the host of a radio show called “On Air With Ryan Seacrest“, a co-host alongside Kelly Ripa for “Live with Kelly and Ryan” which is a New York based morning show, and the founder of the “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”. The “Ryan Seacrest Foundation” is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire youth through entertainment and educational initiatives.

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