Nowadays, people have made the Internet the primary source of information. The days of reading newspapers and looking to the television for knowledge about certain companies and businessmen have pretty much left. The Internet has made it so that the information that one seeks is much more accessible. Also, it is very easy for someone to release some form of information that could have a huge impact on an entity, and the effects could be both devastating and lasting. Fortunately, there are agencies that realize the importance of online reputation management. Therefore, they work with clients in order to present new content that will provide more flattering information for their reputation.


One agency that works with online reputation management is Status Labs, founded by Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher has shown that he is very skilled at presenting information to the user that is very flattering for any client that he serves. He has worked with plenty of people who have underwent a crisis. It is actually quite amazing what could cause a crisis. Often times, a crisis is caused when something has gone misunderstood. One example of this is when a teacher was trying to protect his students from journalists that were interfering with a protest. Her ways of handling the issue have gone totally misunderstood.


Among the services that Darius Fisher does is clear up misunderstandings and presents news that is more flattering. If there is one thing that a famous figure needs, it is PR. Darius Fisher, as the President of Status Labs, is very good when it comes to online PR. He knows how to come up with a campaign that is very flattering for the client. Among the methods he uses is to get rid of the unflattering media if it is possible. He mostly provides some new sources of information for the search engines so that the client will see improvements to his business.


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