Throughout the history of warfare, one of the great benefits that have accrued to nations that have engaged in battle has been the technological dividend from warfare. This was especially true in the United States throughout the period of World War I and World War II, when massive amounts of innovation led to America becoming one of the most prominent superpowers in the history of mankind.


Today, that tradition of adopting battlefield technology to domestic uses continues. One of the companies engaging in high-tech adaptations of battlefield tech to the civilian workforce is Securus Technologies. Through the development of its JLG Investigator Pro technology, Securus Technologies is bringing the fight against organized criminal activity in the nation’s carceral institutions to the next level.


The JLG Investigator Pro system is designed to intercept and track all illicit cellular devices located in any prison in the United States. This has historically been a source of major security breaches and ongoing criminal activity. Gangs use illegal cellular devices in order to carry out their trade, communicating with those on the outside and planning criminal acts both within the prison and without. In many cases, the use of illicit cellular devices has even been fingered in such horrible crimes as the murder of corrections officers and hits on key witnesses in large investigations.


But Securus Technologies is putting an end to all of that. Already, the results are excellent. And prisons where the JLG Investigator Pro system has been installed, the incidence of illicit cellular devices being confiscated by corrections officers in routine searches has gone to almost zero. While this may seem, paradoxically, like a bad result, it is actually indicative of the fact that there are no cellular devices present. The JLG Investigator Pro system has eliminated virtually all of them.


This is just one way in which Securus Technologies is changing the way modern prisons operate.


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