Securus Technologies is a company dedicated to giving law enforcement and correctional facilities the tools necessary to communicate with partners and carry our their jobs in policing inmate populations, investigating crimes, and providing public safety. With such a big task laid out before them, it’s not always clear just how well they’re doing by these institutions. To remedy that, Securus has published quite a few customer comments that comments on the technological solutions they provide and the role they play in solving crimes.


What they’ve made available is just a small collection of the physical letters, emails, and calls that have made their way back to Securus from the disparate authorities that apply these tools to make correctional facilities safer for those who work there and those serving their sentences.


Names and locations have been concealed to comply with Securus’s policies and to better protect the privacy of clients.


One commenter said that Securus has provided a stable communications platform, keeping up with the technological demands as they changed over time and helping to bolster public safety in the area. Securus’s monitoring capabilities were even instrumental in identifying corrupt staff and the contraband they brought into one correctional facility. And another was able to identify a ring of contraband products moving through a prison, which led to discovering new evidence in a violent criminal case.


The praise received is evidence of Securus‘s commitment to providing the correctional community what they need operate at their best. According to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard A. Smith, Securus develops an average of one new product or service that makes it way out to market per week. This constant updating makes it common to receive such a high volume of contact from clients.


About Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies is an American security company servicing law enforcement and correctional facilities across North America. Securus provides the technological solutions necessary to coordinate emergency responses, manage data, monitor inmates, and carryout investigations.


From their headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies has been able to provide products and services to more than 3,000 law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities that are in charge of policing and housing 1.2 million inmates.

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